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  1. Help the Mysterious Mesmer gather five pieces of Crystal Material.
  2. Find the Red Crystal Material.
  3. Find the Purple Crystal Material.
  4. Find the Green Crystal Material.
  5. Find the Blue Crystal Material.
  6. Find the Yellow Crystal Material.
  7. See the Mysterious Mesmer for your reward.

Obtained from

The Mysterious Mesmer in Riven Earth


  • 2500 XP
  • 100 Gold
  • You can now recruit the Mysterious Mesmer as a hero


"You look a bit tired, <name>. Ready to earn your cash back? Help me gather the Crystal Material to complete my collection, I only need 5 more colors, but these pesky spiders are too much to handle for me."
Accept: "...mumble mumble... I want my cash back!"
Reject: "You can keep the change, I'm outta here."

Reward Dialogue

"Hey, thanks! So anyway, what's all this talk about some Destroyers? Should I be worried?"


Follow the quest markers to get the different Crystal Materials. The Mysterious Mesmer will follow you. Once she reaches the map marker, she will kneel as to pick up the Material, saying "Hmm... This should be worth something." and your quest log will update for the next location. You will need to follow the Southern edge of the river heading West from where you first got the quest. You will be ambushed by a group of 6 Spiders at each map marker. The groups contain 1 Lifeweaver, 3 Venomweavers, and 2 Bloodweavers.


  • The Crystal Materials are a reference to the five Materia colors from Final Fantasy VII.
  • The Mysterious Mesmer's search for the Crystal Materials is a reference to Yuffie from the same game, and her hunt for the Materias.
  • Being ambushed by spiders is reminiscent of the quest The Orchard in Pre-Searing Ascalon.