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This is how the minipets should have been done. Two different sets of birthday miniatures dependent on where the character was created is good because it adds more variety, plus it makes Canthan birthdays more exciting. Currently a birthday with a Canthan character all you can hope for is a Bone Dragon. Everything else is so cheap as to be not worth getting.

Tyrian Second Birthday Canthan First Birthday
Name Colour Name Color
Gwen Green Kormir Green
Lich Lord Gold Master Togo Gold
Ruby Djinn Gold Sapphire Djinn Gold
Ancient Seer Purple Oni Purple
Doppelganger Purple Palawa Joko Purple
Graven Monolith Purple The Hunger Purple
Crystal Spider White Hopping Vampire White
Forgotten White Irukandji White
Junundu White Juggernaut White
Reaper White Margonite White
Mad King's Guard White Shard Wolf White
Mursaat White Shiro'ken Elementalist White
Sandstorm Crag White Stone Crusher White
Wind Rider White Tengu White