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Name: Shadow Blade Ranger

Birthdate: March 2006

Birthplace: Tyria

Profession: Ranger

Hobbies: B/P'ing, Running, "Just Shooting Things"

Skill Points: 51 total (591,000 exp)

Pet: Lynx Lvl 20 Pwnstar

Titles Achieved/Earning[]

Exploration of Tyria - 26.2% explored
Exploration of Cantha (no title earned) - 37.1% explored
Skill Hunter Title Track (no title earned) - 7 elite skills
Treasure Hunter Title Track (no title earned) - 69 opened
Wisdom Title Track (no title earned) - 57 identified
Tyria Mission Completion (no title earned) - 2/25 missions
Cantha Mission Completion (no title earned) - 6/13 missions


  • Archer's Shing Jea Mask of Superior Marksmanship
  • Hunter's Shing Jea Mask of Superior Expertise
  • Traveler's Shing Jea Mask of Superior Wilderness Survival
  • Druid's Luxon Vest
  • Druid's Luxon Gloves of Superior Vigor
  • Druid's Luxon Leggings
  • Druid's Luxon Boots


My ranger. First created character on my second account. Hard to believe she has come all this way. I bought her Druid's 15k from Marhan's. One of the Guild Leaders loves her ranger, I guess it would only be beneficial if I gave mine a little more playing time. I guess the reason I don't really enjoy playing her is because for ranged stuff, paragon is better. Or at least used to be. I think ranger is unique in and of itself, paragons damage line is weak at best, giving me more time to play my ranger. Rangers are one of the most versatile classes in the game. Guess I'll browse some favored ranger builds.



Escape.jpg Dodge.jpg Zojun's Haste.jpg Troll Unguent.jpg Serpent's Quickness.jpg Storm Chaser.jpg Vital Blessing.jpg Healing Breeze.jpg


Barrage.jpg Savage Shot.jpg Distracting Shot.jpg Troll Unguent.jpg Throw Dirt.jpg Charm Animal.jpg Comfort Animal.jpg Rebirth.jpg


Read the Wind.jpg Broad Head Arrow.jpg Distracting Shot.jpg Savage Shot.jpg Lightning Reflexes.jpg Throw Dirt.jpg Troll Unguent.jpg Resurrection Signet.jpg