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Clam User Page

Dervish The Enchanter Zur

NA-icon-small.png Nev Yn

Paragon Sandal Jack

Assassin Duct Sauce

Ranger Mooshy Debrouchee

Necromancer Malicious Code

Monk Im A Midget

Mesmer Nev The Griefherder

Elementalist Task Mage Jaya

Elementalist Ib Halfheart

Warrior Warrior

Ritualist Ritualist

Paragon Sandal Jack
Character-Sandal Jack.jpg


  • Name: This is a combination of Sandal Hat and Candle Jack. The background for the name is actually very deep and interes
  • Born: Nightfall
  • Age: 7 mo, 59hr 32m
  • Experience: 362,843 points

This was going to be my main character for a while, hence my Wikia account name. I was getting a little tired of my derv, and the imbagon really appealed to me. After deciding to switch most of my playtime to the paragon, I realized that paragons, while awesome at being imbagons, really suck at everything else they can do. Also, I had already earned a bunch of maxed titles on my Derv that I really didn't want to have to redo. In the end, I've gotten this guy to many places and use him for a couple of specific farms. But I don't play him as much as I would if more titles were account-wide.

Favorite Builds

Spear of Fury (Luxon).jpg "Go for the Eyes!".jpg Anthem of Flame.jpg "Save Yourselves!" (Luxon).jpg "There's Nothing to Fear!".jpg Focused Anger.jpg "For Great Justice!".jpg Aggressive Refrain.jpg