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As 2010 draws to a close
In these last waning lights
We take time to look back
And remember.

Both the good and bad,
The socially acceptable
And the despicable.

The great moments
The horrific encounters
The bonds forged
And the battles fought.

So now I ask,
Using this crappy poem;
That I wrote in two minutes:
"What have you done this year?"
Scythe 22:27, 29 Dec 2010 (UTC)


  • Joined two five wikis.
  • Mastered HTML and CSS.
  • learned photoshop well on my own.
  • Gained grasp of perl.
  • Joined the local debate team, of which I am currently president.
  • Found out I exist in a parallel universe, under the alias "Giga."
  • Made Felix regret meeting me :o </sarcasm (I hope?)>.
  • Got perma b& from GWW.
  • Got a 1 yr ban on GW2W.
  • Became Sysops of GW2@W.
  • Broke a lot of code.
  • Brought insanity back.
  • Gained much of the skill of a professional sound engineer.
  • Gained proficient skills in advanced video editing.
  • Began the journey...


  • Started being a bit more active on GWW and GW2W.
  • Made some good WoT records on GWW about River Skale Tads and also on GW2W about navbars.
  • Began hard learning HTML, CSS, Java, Javascript, C++ and C#. But haven't mastered any of them at all (lolnoob).
  • Began somewhat using linux.
  • Got robbed my netbook.
  • Got a new notebook!
  • Began playing a game from 90s actively on multiplayer.
  • Began playing ship wars very actively again.
  • Supported Auron's adminship.
  • Became teh official rickroller on this site.
  • Completed GW to a point that I play only for fun, and now I find it not that easy.
  • Tried WoW and found out it's really as bad as I thought so I ragequitted.
  • Broke more code than Scythe.
  • Managed to accomplish no real-life accomplishments again. (Thats 17 years in a row and counting!)
  • In the next year I'd like to master some (any) of the programming languages so that I am not that useless. Real-life accomplishments would be also nice, but I can still just go break my WoT records if all else fails.


  • Graduated High School.
  • Entered college.
  • Discovered my alternative universe version.
  • Acquired various effects.
  • Got mistaking for a professor.
  • Got mistaken for an englishman.
  • Accused of being 40 years old based on my vocabulary and usage.
  • Broke no code that I didn't fix.
  • Began using Premier.
  • Started a Vlog.
  • Procrastinated a Vlog.
  • Finished the CCC.
  • Kept up to date with Guild Wars storylines.
  • Came out.
  • ???
  • Profit.
  • Procrastinated on my Vlog more.


  • Made a glass globe with a diameter of 124 meters (blocks) in Minecraft.
  • Screwed up school.
  • Procrastinated several plans.
  • Out-grew three of my sisters (out of four, all older). Hah!
  • Got mixed up with my dad when speaking on the phone a couple of times. I'm 18, not 53 :(
  • Got in touch with an old friend again.
  • Got drunk once.

all the rest[]

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