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Image of link to the Guild Wars In-Game Store

The Guild Wars In-Game Store is an internet-store for ArenaNet's Guild Wars related products, accessible by the client itself. Accessed from the character selection screen, it offers additional campaigns, character slots and other upgrades. All purchased goods are automatically added to the account that has been used to log into the Store, so there is no physical shipping at all. The only way to pay is by using a credit or debit card.

Currency note:

$ = USD (Dollar)
€ = EUR (Euro)
£ = GBP (British Pound)

Available goods




Removed goods


  • After purchase you will receive an e-mail which contains a section entitled "Keys - Keep these for your records". While the keys are automatically applied at the time of purchase, this e-mail provides backup in case you need them at a later date.
  • Because Guild Wars is available in different countries, a price must be set in each country. Differences in currency exchange rates can make it appear that players in a certain country pay "more" than another country. However, economic and other factors vary from region to region, so comparing prices can be misleading.