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Well, this is something funny, but I'm not sure if this is humorous in English, it is a Dutch joke... But anyways here comes!!

The question is why??[]

Why can you have a pizza faster at your home than an ambulance?
Why is there a parking place for disabled people at a skate park?
Why do people order a Double Cheeseburger a large French Fries and then order a diet-coke?
Why do we buy hotdogs in packets of 10 and the sandwiches in packets of 8? Why can't woman add mascara to themself without their mouths open?

And have you ever wondered

Why you have to push the start-button to shut off your WINDOWS?
Why there isn't any cat food with mouse taste?
Why they sterilise the needles for euthanasia?

You all know the black boxes in the airplanes, they are indestructable, but then why

WHY don't they make the whole air plane of that material?!!

Why do kamikaze-pilots wear helmets?
Why do sheep don't shrimp in the rain?
Why is there a lock on doors from shops that are open 24/7?

Other funny stuff[]

Wich animal can jump higher than the Eiffeltower? All animals, the Eiffeltower can't jump! haha =P

Please press WINDOWS-button +D, Alt f4 and than enter. It will help your computer a lot!

I'll add more when I know some more.

Funny links[]

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Funny games[]

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