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The A/any Assassin is a premade build, that all Assassin PvP Characters start as.

Skills and Attributes

AssassinAssassin / Any Attribute Rank
Dagger Mastery 12
Shadow Arts 8
Critical Strikes 10
Leaping Mantis Sting.jpg

Leaping Mantis Sting

Jungle Strike.jpg

Jungle Strike

Twisting Fangs.jpg

Twisting Fangs

Shadow Refuge.jpg

Shadow Refuge

Aura of Displacement.jpg

Aura of Displacement





Resurrection Signet.jpg

Resurrection Signet


  • Shadow Step with Aura of Displacement to an unsuspecting foe.
  • That person may try to move away, which sets up the perfect situation for your opening Leaping Mantis Sting attack.
  • Even if your chosen victim decides to stop and doesn't get Crippled, be sure to follow up with Jungle Strike. It still does more damage than a standard attack, and lets you strike with Twisting Fangs.
  • Wait for these to recharge, and repeat.

Suggested Skill Unlocks

  • Way of the Fox Way of the Fox - If you have a target you can't hit, try to outfox their defensive ability.
  • Dark Escape Dark Escape - Dark Escape comes in handy if you need to retreat and heal.
  • Golden Lotus Strike Golden Lotus Strike - Use Golden Lotus Strike combined with any enchantment to get energy fast after your combo ends.

GuildWiki notes

Followup builds suggestions

  • A/D Disciple of Death - Use a Scythe and do massive damage with Critical Hits.
  • A/E Falling Shocker - Uses Knockdown and Spike attacks combined with the Assassin Shadow Step ability. This build is often used to solo NPCs in Guild versus Guild matches.
  • A/any Leaping Temple Strike - Uses Conditions such as Cripple and Daze to take out spellcasters.