The E/any Elementalist is a premade build, that all Elementalist PvP Characters start as.

Skills and Attributes

Elementalist-icon.png Elementalist / Any Attribute Rank
Energy Storage 12
Air Magic 12

Lightning Strike

Lightning Orb

Lightning Surge

Aura of Restoration

Glyph of Lesser Energy





Resurrection Signet


  • Start with Aura of Restoration for a steady source of self-healing.
  • Activate your Glyph and put Lightning Surge on a target, and start casting Lightning Orb. Thus when the target falls over and takes damage, the Lightning Orb flies through the air and connects at the same time, making for a nasty mini-spike combo.
  • Follow up with a Lightning Strike, and your target should have lost about half of its Health.

Suggested Skill Unlocks

  • Blinding Flash.jpg Blinding Flash - Blind those annoying Warriors or Dervishes that like to follow you around.
  • Air Attunement.jpg Air Attunement - Use Aura of Restoration for a cover Enchantment so Air Attunement doesn't get stripped from you.

GuildWiki notes

Followup builds suggestions

  • E/Me Echo Nuker - Fire Elementalist, harnessing strong AoE spells that can be copied via Echo and Arcane Echo to skip the recharge time.
  • E/Mo Hybrid Flag Runner - Focus on Flag Running in GvG matches.
  • E/any Air Spiker - An Evolution of this premade build.
  • E/any Searing Flames Elementalist - A Fire Elementalist using the strong Nightfall Elite skill, Searing Flames.

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