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Soqed Hozi Talk
Ancient Artifact.pngAncient Artifact.pngAncient Artifact.png

Campaigns: All
Guild: Angelic Warriors [WAR] (Officer)
Alliance: Arkangels [ARK]
Account Age: 28 months


Necromancer Soqed Hozi Soqed hozi necromancer.jpg

Ranger Oldeo Treebate Soqed hozi ranger.jpg

Warrior Intar Deathslasher Soqed hozi warrior.jpg

Mesmer Ivan Echospell Soqed hozi mesmer.jpg

Assassin Rikit Knifestrike Soqed hozi assassin.jpg

Monk Adaru Faithshield Soqed hozi monk.jpg

Ritualist Barakiel Spiritlord Soqed hozi ritualist.jpg

Paragon Uriel Haurvatat Soqed hozi paragon.jpg

Dervish Istani Soulbreaker Soqed hozi dervish.jpg

Oldeo treebate crop.png Adaru crop.png Barakiel spiritlord crop.png Istani soulbreaker crop.jpg

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Faction (Luxon).jpg This user is a member of the Luxon alliance.

This user plays both PvE & PvP.

Necromancer-icon.png This user enjoys the Necromancer profession the most.
Paragon-icon.png This user also enjoys the Paragon profession.
Kaya-Icon.png This user likes to create new and original builds, and hence wears the title The Build Lord.
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Favourite Skills

To Do List

  • Get Obsidian Armour for Paragon. (2 parts of 4 done)
  • Complete a campaign without using monks.
  • Get to Rank 6 Luxon.
  • Get to Rank 3 Hero.
  • Get monk 15k canthan (and complete factions).
  • Pimp my heros.
  • Max another title.

Notable Achievements

  • Got Necro People Know Me title.
  • Got Necro Obsidian Armour.
  • Beat Titan Source, without using a monk, in a 4-man team, with heros.

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~Soqed Hozi~