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  | class = single-letter profession abbreviation
  | name = Character Name (Upload character image as [[Image:Character-Example Name.jpg]])
  | race (optional) = Tyrian/Canthan/Elonian
  | age (optional) = Character /age
  | deaths (optional) = character /deaths
  | xp (optional) = character earned XP (if you don't want to show xp, but still want to show level, use | level instead)
  | notes (optional) = whatever
  | titles (optional) = block of text generated from {{/TitleList}}

Because these add table cells, you must wrap calls to this template in {| and |}. Successive calls can be wrapped in a single pair. Row separators can be added to taste between calls to this template.

Titles based on other titles appear automatically. Survivor is also automatically calculated from xp and deaths.

The easiest way to use this template system on your own pages is to create some redirects:

Alternatively, you can copy the pages over (provide a link to the original in your no-include section) and edit to taste.

It's important to note that since these templates are based on subpages from the current article, there are two caveats with their use:

  1. They only work on your root userpage.
  2. They act somewhat funny in transcluded pages. For example, if you install using the method described above, and make a character gallery at Special:Mypage/Account, the gallery won't work. However, if you transclude /Account into Special:Mypage, the gallery will work just fine.

For example usages, see User:Tanaric.