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The terms used in Guild Wars are often obscure. This article exists to index all terms that a player might encounter in-game. This is not a dictionary, nor is it a list of all articles on the GuildWiki. Only terms and slang should be placed in this list.

There is a separate list dedicated to common abbreviations, if you're looking for those.

If the term you're looking for isn't on this list, you might try the system-generated glossary category index, which is often more complete but less generally useful. If you see a term in the index that isn't in this article, please come back and add it!

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Numeric[edit | edit source]

A[edit | edit source]

B[edit | edit source]

  • Backline: Refers to line of spellcasters behind the tanks in an attack formation.
  • Battery: A necromancer who uses Blood is Power.
  • Beta: The testing stage after alpha but before public, commercial release.
  • Beta Weekend Event: Events that allowed players to play before the release of Guild Wars. Replaced by World Preview Events.
  • Blessing: A temporary bonus, usually granted by an NPC for a price.
  • Block: Completely avoiding damage from an attack. Granted by certain skills.
  • Blue item: In terms of item rarity, the most common uncommon item.
  • Body block: The act of preventing other character from passing through your physical location.
  • Bonder: Monk that uses Life Bond and/or Life Barrier.
  • Bonus: In missions, refers to extra objectives that grant extra experience and (in Factions) skill points.
  • Boon prot: Monk that uses Divine Boon and Protection Prayers.
  • Bot: An automated program generally used to farm items. Bots are prohibited.
  • Buff: A skill that increases the abilities of a character.
  • Bug: A flaw in the game that prevents it from working as intended.
  • Build: A template of skills and ability allocation that fulfills a role needed in a party. See builds.
  • Build number: Essentially the version number of the Guild Wars release.
  • Bundle tank: A defunct strategy to outwit the enemy AI using carryable items.

C[edit | edit source]

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F[edit | edit source]