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This is the personal wishlist of Tetris L for changes and improvements to be implemented by the devs.

This list reflects only my very own, biased, subjective, humble opinion.

The order in the list does not reflect priority. Instead, items are sorted by subject.


General / Various[]

  • Allow to chat during cinematics
  • Display titles in a better way (without the need of mouse-over), as medals or similar
  • Allow to browse guild list (ingame or html)
  • Ingame mailbox
  • Display the remaining time for hexes/conditions/enchantments in the Effects Monitor (in the same way skill recharge is currently displayed)
  • Allow to make CTRL and ALT toggles, so you don't have to hold down the key all the time
  • Add a timer to cooperative missions (Kinda, /age tells you how much time you've been in an area...)
  • Allow to show weapons, pets and miniatures while in towns/outposts.

Character / Account Management[]

  • Allow to change character details after creating the character (hairstyle, face, tan, height, maybe even gender and name)
  • Allow to buy additional character slots (for real money) or to merge more than 2 accounts Done!
  • Add more sort keys for character slots in character selection screen (sort by age, campaign, profession, ...) or even better allow manual sorting (drag'n'drop)
  • Allow "pure" characters without secondary profession

Storage / Inventory[]

  • Increase Xunlai Agent storage space to reduce the need of mule characters (and maybe, in turn, reduce character inventory storage space)
  • Allow to "lock" items in inventory so they can't be sold/salvaged accidently (for example by shift-clicking them, similar to hero skills)
  • Quick access to storage while in outpost, without the need to run up to the Xunlai Agent
  • Materials, gold, and collectable drops should be shared among all characters of the same account (remove the need for swapping via Xunlai storage)
  • Allow to lock an item to a slot in inventory so that switching Weapon Set doesn't shuffle them around.


  • Generally boost the Mesmer to make it more attractive for PvE. A few more AoE spells would be nice, since these are mostly useful in PvE.
  • Reduce health penalty for major runes even more.
  • Allow to apply runes for secondary professions, but only minor and major runes, not superior ones
  • Boost scrolls.
  • Boost weapons from Weaponsmithes to make them better than collector weapons.
  • Add a weapon upgrade or armor piece that increases the duration of hexes.
  • Boost AoE damage spells to compensate for the fact that foe AI now flees to avoid damage.
  • Cutscenes and zoning should not resurrect/teleport party members who are out of radar range. This is mostly to nerf running.
  • Generally, unique ("green") and rare ("gold"/"purple") drops should be superior to collector and crafter items. It's absurd that most of these drops are either inferior or only equivalent to a collector item that's very quick, cheap and easy to obtain.

Heroes / Henchmen / Pets[]

  • add menu to give strategic orders to heroes, henchmen and pets, like "hold this position!", "follow me!", "bodyguard ally <name>!", "attack this foe", "fire at will!", ...
  • add menu to set the AI style for henchmen and pets from "agressive", over "neutral" to "defensive" Done!
  • allow to customize henchmen, i.e. set their skillsets Done (heroes)!
  • allow to save customized henchmen as a team build Done (templates)!
  • Henchmen should pick up gold as it drops
  • Simplify heroes. Having to level and equip 15 heroes per character is way too complicated. The need to level them encourages solo play and killed PUGs, so level should better be determined by the player's level. Weapon should automatically improve with the hero's level (like the armor is now). Armor upgrades (Runes and Insignia) and weapons (including any updates) should be shared per account.


  • URGENT! Add an ingame trade/auction system. Currently all the spam in the public chat channel and even the trade channel is a major pain in the ass, to the degree of spoiling the game. I keep the public channel muted, unless I'm looking for a party.
  • Auto-kick players who use the public channel for trade spam (criteria to be defined). If repeated, BAN THEM! (ANet is taking measures at the moment)

Party Formation and Management[]

  • URGENT! Make party formation easier with an ingame "blackboard" in each town / outpost where you can advertise LFP/LFM. (technically now exist but is often overlooked) (keywords like LFG, GLF and those trigger party search, which is used 10000x more now)
  • Add more tactical tools for party leaders to give instructions to party members.
  • Add an "I'm ready!" button to the party formation window.
  • Allow to invite players by clicking their name in the chat window.
  • Allow to resort the order of party members in the party window with drag'n'drop.
  • Automatically replace human players dropping out with henchman of the same primary profession.
  • Auto-kick players who are afk/idle after 15 minutes (and replace with henchman)
  • Add an "auto-target" option: Whenever the party leader calls a target, you automatically target it too.
  • Add title tracks that are actually meaningful and helpful when picking party members for a PUG:
    • "Leader" title track. You win a point for this title track each time you successfully complete a mission as a party leader. The party must have at least one human, non-henchman member in addition to yourself.
    • Profession specific titles, for example "Healer" for monks, or "Interrupter" for mesmers, or "Minion Master" for necros

Skill Management[]

  • Allow to save custom builds, including skills, weapon sets and armor pieces. Done (Template)
  • Allow to resort the order of skills on the Skill Bar while outside town/outpost. Done
  • Allow to add custom comments for each skill.

Quest Log[]

Friends / Guild Roster List[]

  • Allow to define a name for your account to be displayed along with all your character names. This is for easier identification of friends / guild members who don't use a naming scheme for their numerous characters. If you're in a big guild or have a large friends list it's really hard to keep track of all the names.
  • Make friends list "mutual", i.e. adding somebody to friends list is only allowed if the person agrees
  • Allow to add comments for each entry (like "I know this guy from GWG forum.")
  • Display the current ingame location of friends / guild members who are online.
  • Add the "last logged in" info from the guild list also to the friends list.
  • add custom subcategories to friends list
  • auto-away: being idle for time x automatically sets your status to "away"
  • The /afk emote should not only make you sit down, but also set your status to "away"! (Moving should automatically set your status back to "online".)

Armor, Weapons and Equipment[]

  • Convert the Tryian and Canthan armor to the new insignia system.
  • Convert the Tryian and Canthan weapons to the new inscription system.

Web Interface[]