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"The L-shaped Tetris Block, not the pansy 4x1 block"


Virtual Life

Guild Wars

It turns out that after 2 years of GW I'm finally bored with the game, and bored with MMORGP game mechanics in general. This article really got me thinking. I feel like I've done the same things a thousand times. Just another quest or mission won't cut it, as the variations are very limited. Hard Mode didn't make a big change either. Hunting for titles and farming isn't my cup of tea either. All that is left for me to do is PvP.

Me taking a break from GW has nothing to do with GW:EN or GW2. This is not one of the many doomsday threads found on fansite forums. Guild Wars is as good as it ever was, and I still consider it a very fine game, despite some basic flaws. GW hasn't changed; I have. It's only natural. I think even the best game in the world will turn boring some day. At one point you want a new, fresh experience, with completely different game mechanics. I've reached that point now.

I'm not saying good bye, not yet. I'll probably keep loging into GW every now and then, and I still see a good chance that I may get back into the game after some time off. Also, I'll probably buy GW:EN. But it's still a long time 'til it's released, and I need something to tide me over and entertain me 'til then.

I've always been a casual GW player. Real life obligations (job, family, ...) allowed me only to play about 10-15 hrs per week. Which means I actually spent more time on GuildWiki than playing the game. :) I was a PvE player almost exclusively.

I'm a proud (inactive) member of the guild Servants of Fortuna (SoF).

For a list of my characters, see here.

For my personal list of requested/suggested improvements to the game, see my wish list.


I've been a more or less regular contributor of GuildWiki since July 2005, creating original content, doing maintenance work, throwing in my 2 smartass cents into discussions, and generally messing up the place. :)

On February 1st, 2007, I've been made an admin, however, I became inactive on the wiki shortly after due to real life.

For my personal list of pending activities, see my to do list (probably outdated).

My online nickname

Contrary to what my nickname implies, I'm not into playing Tetris. The name started as a joke based on this, back in the days when I was a hardcore Unreal Tournament player, but eventually I liked it better than my previous nickname and sticked to it. I've been using it for more than 5 years now, in all games that I've played and on all forums that I've frequented. I'm not aware of anyone else using that nick, so if you see someone with that name somewhere, chances are it's me. Say Hi!

Real Life

Male, 35 years old, married, 1 kid, 2.04 m (6'7") tall, process engineer working in power plant design.

I'm German, but I've lived and worked in Switzerland for 4 years, India for ½ year, Dubai/UAE for ½ year, USA/Mexico for ¼ year, and various other places around the world for shorter periods. Currently I'm living nearby Düsseldorf, Germany (GMT+1).

If you want to see an ugly mugshot of me, try this one (showing me on hiking vacation in Ireland). Don't say I didn't warn you! ;)


If you want to contact me, you can

My normal online times are:
  • 8am - 5pm GMT on Mon-Fri for GuildWiki and forums
  • 8pm - 11pm on Tue/Wed/Fri/Sun evening ingame

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