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About Me

Quick Info

  • Age: 22
  • Gender: Male.png

More Info

I began playing guild wars because of RL college friends.
I began this account/page so I could hopefully help or better follow Portal Jumping.(Sadly, yes really, this is the reason.)
If you want to give me any advice please feel compelled to do so because I am normally hopelessly lost.
If you want to ask me any thing I will try and help you to the best of my ability. But I'm lazy as I mentioned earlier so it may take awhile for me to respond at times. >>


My main profession is a Ranger Titania La Fey however I love many aspects of Necromancers be it in PvE or PvP. I first fell in love with Necromancer back when I was PvPing in Alliance Battles and commanding a legion of the undead and by legion I mean 10. I sadly never new the days when there was no cap on minions or maybe its a good thing.


The layout of this page was completely stolen from my friend Renai Mu. Especially without her permission. I want to also creditDr Ishmael since he is whom Renai originally took her layout from. And I also viewed some of his code in addition to hers in order to set up my page. I'd like to thank Quizzical who gave me a nudge to help me get started which is always the biggest part in doing anything for me. As mentioned my occupations is a bum so I had to borrow Felix's "Bum" user box when I found it. A great many of my user boxes are inspired or taken directly from Vipermagi.

Wikia Friends

Renai Mu


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