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Characters (sorted by age)[]


Bilgames Rei[]


Back when I was a young character...

  • Born: May 2005 in Tyria
  • Specialization: Earth Magic
  • Pet: Lvl 20 Hearty Dune Lizard, "Quincy"
  • Completed skill unlocks:
    Elementalist: Core, Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall
    Ranger: Core, Prophecies
  • Claim to fame: Appearing in Healbot Blues.
  • Proudest moment: Getting Protector of Tyria. (Well, the title didn't exist back then, but you know what I mean. It was my first character through the game with all bonuses.)
  • Notes: My first Guild Wars character was an elementalist (pyromancer) named Shadow of Light during the E3 for Everyone event. (Back when Incendiary Bonds ruled the world.) So, when Guild Wars was finally released, my first character was another Elementalist.
  • Source of names: "Bilgames" has nothing to do with "games". It's an alternate form of "Gilgamesh" from the Epic of Gilgamesh. (Ironically, this name was inherited from a melee character I played in the Saga of Ryzom betas.) Quincy is Jason Foxtrott's pet iguana.

Tometheus Gilgamesh.jpg

Gilgamesh Rex[]


I am NOT a wammo!

  • Born: May 2005 in Tyria
  • Specialization: Hammer Mastery
  • Pet: Lvl 3 Snow Wolf, "Enkidu" (Hey, I'm a N secondary)
  • Completed skill unlocks:
    Warrior: Core, Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall
    Necromancer: Core, Prophecies
  • Proudest moment: Capping Plague Signet. This was my final skill unlock for Prophecies
  • Favorite saying:I am not a wammo! Look! Necromancer, not Monk!
  • Notes: OK, so this is probably my least favorite character to play as I prefer playing casters.
  • Source of names: I got tired of people pronouncing Bilgames wrong on teamspeak :) Enkidu is Gilgamesh's friend in the Epic.

Tometheus Ishtari.jpg

Ishtari De Uruk[]


You are getting weaker... weaker...

  • Born: June 2005 in Tyria
  • Specialization: Illusion Magic
  • Current Weapon:Swiftspell's Staff
  • Pet: Lvl 20 Hearty Strider, "Loony Goony" (from pre-Searing)
    Hero pets: An army of Black Moas
  • Completed skill unlocks:
  • Proudest moment: Killing Glint. This was my final Prophecies bonus for this character. Our team had an interrupt ranger who dropped out half-way into the mission and most of the team wanted to quit then, but I told them that Mesmers could interrupt too. So, we continued on and kicked her butt, thereby finishing off my protector title -- through the magic of time-travel into the future when titles were finally created.
  • Notes: This is by far my favorite character to play. Alas, this character is also the reason I primarily use heroes / henchmen now instead of trying to get PUGs. First character to finish two chapters.
  • Source of names: Ishtari, an Assyrian version of the Sumerian goddess Inanna, was one of the major characters in the Epic of Gilgamesh. (Yeah, yeah, I know... I had just read a new translation of the Epic of Gilgamesh, so I was a little fixated on Gilgamesh lore.) OK, so Loony Goony is just being silly, but the Strider always struck me as a funny looking pet, so it needed a silly name.

Tometheus Promethea.jpg

Promethea D Ager[]


Everybody look at the birdie!

Tometheus Pyrophobia.jpg

  • Born: May 2006 in Cantha
  • Specialization: Marksmanship right now
  • Current Weapon:Barbed shortbow of marksmanship
  • Pet: Lvl 20 Hearty Phoenix, "Pyrophobia"
  • Completed skill unlocks:
    Assassin: Factions, Nightfall
    Ranger: Core, Factions, Nightfall
  • Claim to fame: Appearing in Healbot Blues.
  • Proudest moment: Killing Shiro. This was my first character through Factions. (To date, one of only 2 characters all the way through it. I was offline for a while while Factions was king.)
    Runner up: Killing Galrath on the first try. Well I remember the agony I went through with Bilgames trying to do that quest.
  • Saddest moment: Killing Siege Turtles in Eternal Grove
  • Notes: This is my character with the most XP. She's probably my second favorite character to play. And yes, she does use a Critical Barrage build, but I came up with it on my own before I found out it was a popular build :P It was difficult getting parties as an assassin, and henchmen don't behave well if you're constantly shadow-stepping, so I went with the bow and saw that Sharpen Daggers worked with Barrage, so I used it. (Also, I'm ashamed to admit, my computer is too old to be able to pull off a good Shadow Arts assassin, since I usually get around 1 frame per second in K City -- if I'm lucky. One works with what one has.)
  • Source of names: Prometheus Bound is my favorite piece of Greek mythology. This is also the source of my net personna, Tometheus. (Yes, I know D'Ager is a cheesy name for an Assassin, but you should see my guild leader's names. Call it temporary insanity under the influence of someone in authority.) Pyrophobia: the Phoenix (pet) is the Chinese version rather than the Egyptian phoenix associated with fire, so she had a bit of an identity crisis, which developed into a fear of fire. It's a long story involving a Hydra, 3 rolls of toilet paper, and an albino moose.

Tometheus Maatkare.jpg

Maatkare Hatshepsut[]


Oooh! Can we stop at the cemetery? I need more ashes.

  • Born: May 2006 in Cantha
  • Specialization: Communing / Restoration Magic
  • Pet: Lvl 5 Tiger, "Shere Khan"
  • Completed skill unlocks:
    Ritualist: Factions, Nightfall
    Monk: Core, Factions, Nightfall
  • Proudest moment: First of my characters to finish Nightfall.
  • Notes: This character is growing on me. I decided long ago not to do a Monk primary since our guild at the time had a surplus of monks.
  • Source of names: Egyption pharaoh Hatshepsut took the throne name Maatkare. Too bad I didn't know where Ch 3 was going to be located or I would have held off on the name for a Ch 3 character. Shere Khan is the tiger from the Jungle Book.

Tometheus Morticia.jpg

Morticia Frump[]


Mmmmm bodies

  • Born: Oct 2006 in Elona
  • Specialization: Minion Master
  • Completed skill unlocks:
    Necromancer: Core, Factions, Nightfall
  • Proudest moment: Taking a team through Vizunah Square to get the Masters reward. I hate that mission with a passion. I don't know how many times I've attempted that mission with my other characters only to fail because the other team didn't keep their NPC alive until we could meet.
  • Notes: When I was going through prophecies with Gilgamesh, I saw my first minion master at Yak's Bend that first month after release. I've wanted to do one ever since, but my W/N just didn't have the energy to do it. Now that I had extra slots, it was my chance. This is just a really fun character to play in PvE. You noticed I have a thing for redheads did you?
  • Source of names: Morticia Frump is Morticia Addams's maiden name. I know she looks nothing like Morticia Addams, so just pretend it's what she looked like in her rebellious teen years :).

Tometheus Odysseus.jpg

Odysseus Laertiades[]


*mumble* Where's my atlatl??

  • Born: Oct 2006 in Elona
  • Specialization: Leadership
  • Completed skill unlocks:
    Paragon: Nightfall
  • Proudest Moment: Defeating Abaddon. I could finally unlock that last Nightfall skill that had been trapped in the Garden of Seborhin by the Nightfallen Garden.
  • Notes: I created him to look like how I imagine Odysseus looked at the end of his odyssey. Strong, rough beard, deep tan, scowling -- tormented by the gods. Just someone who would make me wish I'd never heard the name Penelope if I happened to be caught in Ithaca anywhere near his home when he returned.
  • Source of names: Spears just always make me think of The Odyssey

Tometheus Binky.jpg

Binky Rider[]



  • Born: Oct 2006 in Elona
  • Specialization: Earth Prayers
  • Completed skill unlocks:
    Dervish: Nightfall
  • Proudest moment: Defeating Varesh... that poser. Ooooh. Look at me, I have a scythe! But I change to a Paragon when the going gets rough! Wimp!
  • Source of names: Of course, everyone who created a Dervish used a name involving Reaper or Death. So, I decided to approach it obliquely -- Binky is the name of DEATH's horse in the Discworld series. I just always crack a smile when I think of that name.

Tom Elmer[]

Call me Fred

  • Born: March 1974 in MO
  • Profession: Physics
    • Level: MS
  • Secondary: Computer Science
  • Location: Argonne National Laboratory, near Chicago, IL
  • Proudest moment: Getting the MS degree. (Or filing my first patent application, I can't decide.)
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