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I'm mostly speaking french but i understand english well enough.

Userpage on Guild Wars Wikia (fr) : Utilisateur:TulipVorlax

I have that game for about a little more than 50 month now. I have the 3 chapters (or campaing, if you prefer) and GWEN. I'm a member of a little guild that is part of a little alliance where there is about 96% of european (from France and other french talking countries). And i have way to much free time for playing or doing others stuff. But since i do too much stuff...

Website showing GW characters data (in french) :

The Wikia user Vorlax1 is my bot account that i use with Autowikibrowser. I never use it on any wiki before getting the autorisation, so if you ever see that user doing bad things, just tell me (might mean the account has been stolen somehow).

What i've been doing...[]

I dont play a lot lately...

Pages i greatly use[]

  • User:Fyren/Licensing: I often link to this when people dont beleive me that CC and GFLD aren't compatibles.

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