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My Toons[edit | edit source]

Gorak The Kickass Necromancer/Mesmer[edit | edit source]

"Silver, how lame."

I play Gorak...a lot. I can run any necro build, and will never grow bored of him. Also note Gorak's FoW armor got scrapped by one of my so called "friends". Using the new Canthan "scars".

SS/SV Skillbar:

Arcane Echo.jpg

Arcane Echo

Spiteful Spirit.jpg

Spiteful Spirit

Sympathetic Visage.jpg

Sympathetic Visage

Desecrate Enchantments.jpg

Desecrate Enchantments

Defile Enchantments.jpg

Defile Enchantments

Reckless Haste.jpg

Reckless Haste

Blood Ritual.jpg

Blood Ritual

Resurrection Signet.jpg

Resurrection Signet

With the addition of RH, the SS necro is now uber. I love doing this, but not as much as I used to love MM before ANet chewed it up and spit it out.

The Girl in Hanson Ranger/Mesmer[edit | edit source]

"Ah, you ruined the shot!"

Hanson is my ranger, I play her now and then. Fun to play, but after monking and necro-ing, playing ranger is a little awkward. I'm dealing with it, getting better all the time.

Solo IDS Skillbar:



Point Blank Shot.jpg

Point Blank Shot

Distracting Shot.jpg

Distracting Shot

Storm Chaser.jpg

Storm Chaser

Mantra of Frost.jpg

Mantra of Frost

Apply Poison.jpg

Apply Poison

Antidote Signet.jpg

Antidote Signet

Troll Unguent.jpg

Troll Unguent

I hate people who just spam "ELL EFF GEE IDS F4RM!!1!1!" so I do it myself. Works.

Nancy The Nuker Elementalist/Mesmer[edit | edit source]

"Strike a pose."

A Elementalist I have been toying around with, farming trolls and hydras after the death of Kevin Federline.

Brand New Troll Smasher

Windborne Speed.jpg

Windborne Speed

Kinetic Armor.jpg

Kinetic Armor

Ward Against Melee.jpg

Ward Against Melee

Crystal Wave.jpg

Crystal Wave





Elemental Attunement.jpg

Elemental Attunement

Aura of Restoration.jpg

Aura of Restoration

Same build off this site, been using it before I even saw it here xD! Was surprised at first.

Token Charecter Ritualist/Monk[edit | edit source]

"Got an itch!!"

A newly created Ritualist, still using his Insightful Spiritbinder of Fortitude until I find anything better.

Healer Ritualist

Mend Body and Soul.jpg

Mend Body and Soul

Soothing Memories.jpg

Soothing Memories

Tranquil Was Tanasen.jpg

Tranquil Was Tanasen

Weapon of Warding.jpg

Weapon of Warding

Resilient Weapon.jpg

Resilient Weapon





Flesh of My Flesh.jpg

Flesh of My Flesh

Bah, a simple healer until I find a better build. Restoration magic using the new Orosen's Staff I found, keepin that Spiritbinder for everything else.

"What will I think of next?"

What the Win NA-icon-small.png/NA-icon-small.png[edit | edit source]

What The Win is my PvP toon, gets deleted and rerolled. A lot. As for the name it's WTF and FTW combined for a ride that's fun for the whole family. Fits my PvP style I suppose. Crazy builds that win me matches. Please check out her PvP builds.

Time To Die:

Touch of Agony.jpg

Touch of Agony

Signet of Agony.jpg

Signet of Agony

Awaken the Blood.jpg

Awaken the Blood

Blood is Power.jpg

Blood is Power

Dark Aura.jpg

Dark Aura

Death Nova.jpg

Death Nova

Putrid Explosion.jpg

Putrid Explosion

Resurrection Signet.jpg

Resurrection Signet

Yeah that's right. I got dying down. This is my N/any Saccer build, check it out if you have the chance.

The Morgue[edit | edit source]

Kevin Federline Monk/Elementalist[edit | edit source]

"Ogre Slaying Knife!"

Ah, Kevin was a good character. A 55 monk all the way, delving into healing here and there. His 55 armor was salvalged after my account was stolen, and I decided I didn't have the money to invest in him again.

Good Ol' Troll Smasher:

Protective Spirit.jpg

Protective Spirit

Healing Breeze.jpg

Healing Breeze

Blessed Signet.jpg

Blessed Signet

Shield of Judgment.jpg

Shield of Judgment



Blessed Aura.jpg

Blessed Aura

Balthazar's Spirit.jpg

Balthazar's Spirit



Fastest Troll farm I could concieve. 15-20 second trolls.

I Own Presearing Necromancer/NA-icon-small.png[edit | edit source]

"No you didn't!"

Farming Charr for dye and picking up Red Iris Flowers are her favorite activites.

How to Own Presearing

Vampiric Gaze.jpg

Vampiric Gaze

Vampiric Touch.jpg

Vampiric Touch

Life Siphon.jpg

Life Siphon

Animate Bone Horror.jpg

Animate Bone Horror

Blood Renewal.jpg

Blood Renewal

Comfort Animal.jpg

Comfort Animal

Charm Animal.jpg

Charm Animal

Resurrection Signet.jpg

Resurrection Signet

This seems to be able to take down Charr pretty well, so I'm stickin with it.

Other Stuff[edit | edit source]

"Paper > 2 Rocks"

GW RPS Tournie[edit | edit source]

Entry Fee: 1k

Drop me a line on my talk page if you are interested in particpating in the first bimonthly Guild Wars Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament. Winner takes all, matches will be held in ladder style until there is a victor! As soon as I have a few people interested I will make a definate starting date. I need 32 people, so that the winner will take all 32k, not a bad profit.

Gaile Gray[edit | edit source]

I have a habit of buying Gaile Gray dye and giving her Wintersday/Halloween items. I dyed all of Gaile's ritualist armor for her, as well as gave her 150 Naga Fangs for her Tengu Mask. Yes, I know, I am a nerd, but who cares? I like seeing my name in lavender across all of Lion's Arch and Shing Jea Monastery.

"My name is GLOBAL"

Guild[edit | edit source]

Soldiers That Fall Up[edit | edit source]

We are a fun loving Luxon guild that despite screwing around, tends to make very succesful farming runs and win PvP matches. Haven't done much GvG yet, bur feel free to stop by our forums at, there you can talk to us as well as find out how you can wear the [STFU] guild tag.

Real Life[edit | edit source]

  • Name: Jake
  • Level: 16
  • Current Misson: Montana

Other Pages[edit | edit source]