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Last updated on: Archive 48, 18:16, 19 July 2008

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Newbish days, Not me for the most part (1)
300-GW Image, guys talking about their girlfriends, etc. (2)
Hidden spam, MP47. About this time this account became known as the "Champion of the Spam" (3)
Random crap, two spam pyramids. (4)
Srs Bsns near the end, A bit of spam here and there (5)
Firetock Spams (6)
Firetock Spams(7)
Firetock Spams (8)
RT spams (9)
Self-Spammage (Brother) (10)
RT Spams (11)
Fucking.. Fail... 'nuff said (12)
Wtf people? We really have changed over the months.. (13)
Some random crap, fake argument between brother and MP47 (14)
Jesus, wtf.. A crapload of drama again (15)
Firetock Spamming (16)
That was an active archive. The Mini Polar Bear, Policy Interpruttations, the TinyUrl and Goatse site spam, an argument with Entropy and my computer breaking. (17)
RT sez blug (18)
FireTock vs James (19)
Small discussion about Biro's absence, First time that year (I think) we were in Egypt, and Shadow talking to me in spanish (Which I don't understand o_O) (20)
Firetock spams in the end, a couple'a proper discussions (21)
Firetock spamming, and a whole build archive. (22)
Major spam, somone asking about my vwk build (23)
Bored spams (24)
Bored is consistant in his spamming
Unsigned spamming "BLAGH" (26)
Brother leaves, a bit of RfA debation with OrgX, Brains (27)
Moved from archive, charlie the unicorn and Entropy not caring about page editing (28)
Entrea is declared a vandal by gwiki and MP47 epic fails, and Jedi's userpage gets stolen (29)
Belar's eyes get burnt, Giga gives a MTG card out (30)
Maui becomes cool, discussion about use of code to change the header of pages (31)
Maui's talk gets stolen (32)
Warw vs OrgX, full on (33)
I try (and fail) to be poetic (34)
Felix proposes to Maui (35)
GW2Wikia argument (36)
Continuing the argument about GW2Wikia (37)
Argument with Auron about GW2Wikia (38)
RT says "You're in a hole... (39)
Thoughtful gets offended by Shadowphoenix (40)
Everyone gets a cough (41)
GW:QDV and other assorted things (42)
Somthing rather empty (43)
Special:wantedpages project talk (44)
Bots discussion (45)
Alliance invitation bug (46)
Old accounts rediscovered (47)
Sockpuppetry Accusations (48).