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In-game description:


Condition. While Drunk, you take three times as long to use Skills, and all your Skills are easily interrupted. Your character also has a 30% chance to ignore what you tell them to, and a 10% chance to do things on their own. Your character will also occasionally mouth-off to other players, and will be 20% more aggressive.


  • Drunk is visually represented by the character staggering on the spot, and staggering whilst moving.
  • Alcoholic weapon upgrades will cause a 33% increase in Drunk duration.
  • The inscription "Soundness of Mind" on the other hand, which reduces drunk duration by 20%, can be found on focus items or shields.
  • The rune, Rune of Recovery, also reduces drunk duration by 20%
  • Attacks against a drunk foe will interrupt any skills they are using before effects of the attack are calculated. Thus, any effects that take place if the target is casting, such as the disable from Distracting Shot, will not take effect against a drunk foe.
  • Drunk is generally considered one of the more powerful conditions, as evidenced by the fact that there are only two skills that inflict the Drunk condition.


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