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:'''The Way I Work'''
:*Hi, I'm Warwick. I'm a sysop on this here wiki. Apparently, we promote stupidity, allowing idiots to reign supreme by getting around policies in ways so that they think they've gotten around them, and apparently we don't ban. I don't work that way. So, basically, I have a 3 strike system. If you are idiotic or just generally retarded 3 times in one week, I will ban you. First a day, then 3, then a week, then a month, then infinite.
:'''What counts as being stupid/retarded?'''
:*Taking policies to the letter rather than the spirit. For instance, if you add a retarded note, somone reverts it without comment, and then you rerevert.
:*Uploading images with generic names, ie "gw043". We have to clear it up eventually, and it's extremely annoying.
:*Adding retarded notes to pages in general. If, for instance, you add "Devhammer works very well with mending".
:'''Oh, crap. I do that all the time!'''
:*Fuck off.
:'''Yes, well, anyway.. How do I know how many strikes I have?'''
:*Check [[User:Warwick/StrikeSystem]] to see. I update it when I can be bothered to.

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