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Me and GuildWiki[]

en-N This user speaks English natively.
Please comment on any of my edits in my talk page. I have a watch on that page so I should notice about anything you write there fairly quickly. I'm not very sensitive about constructive (critical) comments on my contributions, so lay on. I believe that consistency in a terrific resource like GuildWiki is more important than my own personal preferences so if I am violating some generally held principals or guidelines, I'd like to know about it.

I'm mostly interested in filling out the quest and mission entries. I come to Guild Wars a little late to help much with the Prophecies campaign, but I got Factions early, so I can probably contribute a bit more on that side of things.

Me and Guild Wars[]

Faction (Luxon).jpg This user is a member of the Luxon alliance.

This user is primarily a PvE player.

I'm not into PvP. I like playing PvE, solo when possible, in a known group of people if not. If my buddies aren't around and I need help, I normally just play with henchmen. I'm always surprised at how far you can get that way. Plus no one has to wait as I document my findings.

Guild Wars characters[]

Wee Tommy.jpg

Warrior-icon.png Elementalist-icon.png Wee Tommy[]

    • Warrior/Elementalist 20. Mostly Warrior
    • First character. Named before first meeting the much less impressive Little Thom.
    • Prophecies campaign
    • Finished Prophecies campaign (Protector of Tyria)
    • Near the beginning of the Factions campaign now
Elixir Vitae.jpg

Monk-icon.png Necromancer-icon.png Elixir Vitae[]

    • Monk/Necromancer 15
    • Prophecies campaign
    • Not very far into Prophecies yet
    • Used almost exclusively to play with Ava Ree, who hardly ever plays
Old Brown's Daughter.jpg

Ranger-icon.png Necromancer-icon.png Old Brown's Daughter[]

    • Ranger/Necromancer 18
    • Factions campaign
    • Hoping to become a Cartogropher of Cantha


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