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:::[[Gemstone Axe]]
:::[[Gemstone Axe]]
:::[[Grinning Dragon Axe]]
:::[[Grinning Dragon Axe]]
:::[[Hand Axe]]
:::[[Jade Axe]]
:::[[Jade Axe]]

Revision as of 05:23, 30 July 2006

warrior : 17-19 iron ingots, 14 tanned hide squares (???)
monk : ??? (bolts of silk)
necromancer : bones (???)
mesmer : ??? (???)
elementalist : ??? (???)
ranger : ??? (???)

character colors
monk: dark red (black + red?)
mesmer: ???
assassin: black
necromancer: acid green
warrior: gold
ritualist: teal

list of items which do not appear in the game

Stoneherder's Flatbow
Clay Brick
Brick of Mud

list of items which still exist, but cannot be created

Jade Wind Orbs (useless)
Festival Prizes (consumable)
Festival Tickets (useless)
Dragon Masks (equipment)
Absinthe (consumable)
Ghost-in-the-box (consumable)
Pumpkin Crown (equipment)
Squash Serum (consumable)
Witch's Brew (consumable)
Candy Cane (consumable)
Candy Cane Shards (useless)
Candy Weapons (equipment)
Eggnog (consumable)
Horns of Grenth (consumable
Present (consumable)
Snowman Summoner (consumable)
Yule Cap (equipment)
Spiked Eggnog (consumable)

todo list

find salvage value for rare weapons
Archaic Axe
Battle Axe
Celestial Axe
Dwarven Axe
Gemstone Axe
Grinning Dragon Axe
Jade Axe
Kaineng Axe
Krytan Axe
Kyhlo Axe
Mammoth Axe
Piercing Axe
Plagueborn Axe
Rusty Axe
Sephis Axe
Summit Axe
War Axe
White Scythe
Zodiac Axe
Butterfly Sword
Celestial Sword
Dadao Sword
Golden Phoenix Blade
Plagueborn Sword
Platinum Blade
Shadow Blade
Shinobi Blade
Sunqua Blade
Wicked Blade
Zodiac Sword
Colossal Pick
Dwarven Hammer
Giant Slayer's Hammer
Mursaat Hammer
Righteous Maul
Shining Maul
Summit Hammer
Swamp Club
Twin Hammer
Bludgeoner (weapon)
Celestial Hammer
Gavel of the Nephilim
Glowing Runic Maul
Jade Hammer
Plagueborn Maul
Runic Maul
Spiked Club
Stone Crusher
Supreme Bludgeoner
Tetsubo Hammer
Zodiac Hammer