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These pages need screenshots These pages need screenshots


Monster Pages Needing Images== ==Monster Pages Needing Images[]

Tyria=== ===Tyria[]

Abaddon's Mouth==== ====Abaddon's Mouth[]

Image:Sarlic the Judge.jpg Sarlic the Judge

Bloodstone Fen==== ====Bloodstone Fen[]

Image:Nyle the Compassionate.jpg Nyle the Compassionate

Image:Pleoh the Ugly.jpg Pleoh the Ugly

Image:Ramm the Benevolent.jpg Ramm the Benevolent

Deldrimor Bowl==== ====Deldrimor Bowl[]

Image:Dwarven Mender.jpg Dwarven Mender

Image:Dwarven Scout.jpg Dwarven Scout

Image:Dwarven Soldier.jpg Dwarven Soldier

Divinity Coast==== ====Divinity Coast[]

Image:Frak Undertow.jpg Frak Undertow

Image:Justiciar Lashona.jpg Justiciar Lashona

Image:Justiciar Rhynnon.jpg Justiciar Rhynnon

Image:Justiciar Taran.jpg Justiciar Taran

Dragon's Gullet==== ====Dragon's Gullet[]

Image:Phlog the Indomitable.jpg Phlog the Indomitable

Dreadnought's Drift==== ====Dreadnought's Drift[]

Image:Stone Summit Carver.jpg Stone Summit Carver

Dunes of Despair==== ====Dunes of Despair[]

Image:Dassk Arossyss.jpg Dassk Arossyss

Fort Ranik==== ====Fort Ranik[]

Image:Charr Warrior.jpg Charr Warrior

Frozen Forest==== ====Frozen Forest[]

Image:Stone Summit Carver.jpg Stone Summit Carver

Image:Stone Summit Ranger.jpg Stone Summit Ranger

Grenth's Footprint==== ====Grenth's Footprint[]

Image:Stone Summit Carver.jpg Stone Summit Carver

Image:Stone Summit Ranger.jpg Stone Summit Ranger

Ice Caves of Sorrow==== ====Ice Caves of Sorrow[]

Image:Arlak Stoneleaf.jpg Arlak Stoneleaf

Image:Dwarf Ice Ship Captain.jpg Dwarf Ice Ship Captain

Image:Dwarf Ice Ship Mate.jpg Dwarf Ice Ship Mate

Kessex Peak==== ====Kessex Peak[]

Image:Liam Shanglui.jpg Liam Shanglui

Majesty's Rest==== ====Majesty's Rest[]

Image:Rotting Dragon.jpg Rotting Dragon

Perdition Rock==== ====Perdition Rock[]

Image:Inner Council Member Argyle.jpg Inner Council Member Argyle

Image:Inner Council Member Bolivar.jpg Inner Council Member Bolivar

Image:Inner Council Member Cuthbert.jpg Inner Council Member Cuthbert

Prophet's Path==== ====Prophet's Path[]

Image:Clarion Shinypate.jpg Clarion Shinypate

Image:Jewk Swem Pleg.jpg Jewk Swem Pleg

Image:Rept Parn Freg.jpg Rept Parn Freg

Regent Valley==== ====Regent Valley[]

Image:Grawl Heretic.jpg Grawl Heretic

Image:Grawl Petitioner.jpg Grawl Petitioner

Sorrow's Furnace==== ====Sorrow's Furnace[]

Image:Dredge Blastrock.jpg Dredge Blastrock

Image:Dredge Spirit Caller.jpg Dredge Spirit Caller

Image:Dredge Spirit Guard.jpg Dredge Spirit Guard

Image:Dredge Spirit Keeper.jpg Dredge Spirit Keeper

Image:Enslaved Ettin.jpg Enslaved Ettin

Image:Garbok Handsmasher.jpg Garbok Handsmasher

Image:Gardock Stonesoul.jpg Gardock Stonesoul

Image:Graygore Boulderbeard.jpg Graygore Boulderbeard

Image:Grognard Gravelhead.jpg Grognard Gravelhead

Image:Hierophant Morlog.jpg Hierophant Morlog

Image:Ivor Helmhewer.jpg Ivor Helmhewer

Image:Korvald Willcrusher.jpg Korvald Willcrusher

Image:Rage Binder.jpg Rage Binder

Salt Flats==== ====Salt Flats[]

Image:Ginz Hailflare.jpg Ginz Hailflare

Image:Jewk Swem Pleg.jpg Jewk Swem Pleg

Image:Rept Parn Freg.jpg Rept Parn Freg

Image:Sul SandStorm.jpg Sul SandStorm

Spearhead Peak==== ====Spearhead Peak[]

Image:Elder Wolf.jpg Elder Wolf

Talmark Wilderness==== ====Talmark Wilderness[]

Image:Scale Fleshrend.jpg Scale Fleshrend

Talus Chute==== ====Talus Chute[]

Image:Avicara Ardent.jpg Avicara Ardent

The Falls==== ====The Falls[]

Image:Hoss Rainswell.jpg Hoss Rainswell

The Fissure of Woe==== ====The Fissure of Woe[]

Image:Rock Borer Worm.jpg Rock Borer Worm

Image:Seed of Corruption.jpg Seed of Corruption

Image:Shadow Lord Vogris.jpg Shadow Lord Vogris

Image:Shadow Monk.jpg Shadow Monk

Image:Traitorous Temple Guard.jpg Traitorous Temple Guard

The Granite Citadel==== ====The Granite Citadel[]

Image:Dwarven Archer.jpg Dwarven Archer

The Scar==== ====The Scar[]

Image:Jewk Swem Pleg.jpg Jewk Swem Pleg

The Wilds==== ====The Wilds[]

Image:Maguuma Avenger.jpg Maguuma Avenger

Thunderhead Keep==== ====Thunderhead Keep[]

Image:Argyris the Scoundrel.jpg Argyris the Scoundrel

Image:Panthar The Deceiver.jpg Panthar The Deceiver

Traveler's Vale==== ====Traveler's Vale[]

Image:Inar Frostbite.jpg Inar Frostbite

Vulture Drifts==== ====Vulture Drifts[]

Image:Krunk Waddle.jpg Krunk Waddle

Image:Pell Glitterglatter.jpg Pell Glitterglatter

Image:Rept Parn Freg.jpg Rept Parn Freg

Cantha=== ===Cantha[]

Alliance Battles==== ====Alliance Battles[]

Image:Kurzick Army Elite Ranger.jpg Kurzick Army Elite Ranger

Image:Luxon Army Elementalist.jpg Luxon Army Elementalist

Image:Luxon Army Elite Elementalist.jpg Luxon Army Elite Elementalist

Image:Luxon Army Elite Ranger.jpg Luxon Army Elite Ranger

Image:Luxon Army Elite Warrior.jpg Luxon Army Elite Warrior

Image:Luxon Army Mesmer.jpg Luxon Army Mesmer

Image:Luxon Army Monk.jpg Luxon Army Monk

Image:Luxon Army Necromancer.jpg Luxon Army Necromancer

Image:Luxon Army Ranger.jpg Luxon Army Ranger

Image:Luxon Army Ritualist.jpg Luxon Army Ritualist

Image:Luxon Army Warrior.jpg Luxon Army Warrior

Altrumm Ruins==== ====Altrumm Ruins[]

Image:Dorn Stonebreaker.jpg Dorn Stonebreaker

Arborstone==== ====Arborstone[]

Image:Stone Singer Kasia.jpg Stone Singer Kasia

Image:Stone Soul.jpg Stone Soul

Archipelagos==== ====Archipelagos[]

Image:Rockhide Dragon.jpg Rockhide Dragon

Dragon's Throat==== ====Dragon's Throat[]

Image:The Afflicted Huu.jpg The Afflicted Huu

Image:The Afflicted Tamaya.jpg The Afflicted Tamaya

Drazach Thicket==== ====Drazach Thicket[]

Image:Discord Wallow.jpg Discord Wallow

Image:Warden of Earth.jpg Warden of Earth

Image:Warden of Winds.jpg Warden of Winds

Image:Warden of Seasons.jpg Warden of Seasons

Image:Warden of the Spirit.jpg Warden of the Spirit

Ferndale==== ====Ferndale[]

Image:Luxon Scout.jpg Luxon Scout

Image:Warden of Winds.jpg Warden of Winds

Kinya Province==== ====Kinya Province[]

Image:Swift Honorclaw.jpg Swift Honorclaw

Imperial Sanctum==== ====Imperial Sanctum[]

Image:Bound Assassin.jpg Bound Assassin

Image:Bound Mesmer.jpg Bound Mesmer

Image:Bound Monk.jpg Bound Monk

Image:Bound Ritualist.jpg Bound Ritualist

Image:Bound Warrior.jpg Bound Warrior

Image:Spirit of The Mists.jpg Spirit of The Mists

Jaya Bluffs==== ====Jaya Bluffs[]

Image:Yrrg Snagtooth.jpg Yrrg Snagtooth

Maishang Hills==== ====Maishang Hills[]

Image:Elder Naga Archer.jpg Elder Naga Archer

Image:Elder Naga Ritualist.jpg Elder Naga Ritualist

Image:Elder Naga Warrior.jpg Elder Naga Warrior

Morostav Trail==== ====Morostav Trail[]

Image:Stone Soul.jpg Stone Soul

Image:Warden of Winds.jpg Warden of Winds

Nahpui Quarter==== ====Nahpui Quarter[]

Image:Essence of Kirin.jpg Essence of Kirin

Image:Essence of Turtle.jpg Essence of Turtle

Image:Kaijun Don.jpg Kaijun Don

Panjiang Peninsula==== ====Panjiang Peninsula[]

Image:Buqui Kaguchi.jpg Buqui Kaguchi

Image:Naga Scout.jpg Naga Scout

Image:Nongbu Kaguchi.jpg Nongbu Kaguchi

Image:Soon Kim.jpg Soon Kim

Raisu Palace==== ====Raisu Palace[]

Image:Shiro'ken Ritualist.jpg Shiro'ken Ritualist

Rhea's Crater==== ====Rhea's Crater[]

Image:Rockhide Dragon.jpg Rockhide Dragon

Silent Surf==== ====Silent Surf[]

Image:Rockhide Dragon.jpg Rockhide Dragon

Sunjiang District==== ====Sunjiang District[]

Image:Shiro'ken Ritualist.jpg Shiro'ken Ritualist

Image:The Afflicted Huan (Ranger).jpg The Afflicted Huan (Ranger)

Sunqua Vale==== ====Sunqua Vale[]

Image:Naga Scout.jpg Naga Scout

Image:Wild Minion.jpg Wild Minion

The Aurios Mines==== ====The Aurios Mines[]

Image:Deep Nightmare.jpg Deep Nightmare

Image:Tears of Dwayna.jpg Tears of Dwayna

The Deep==== ====The Deep[]

Image:Blessed Manta.jpg Blessed Manta

Image:Freezing Nightmare.jpg Freezing Nightmare

Image:Kanaxai Aspect of Death.jpg Kanaxai Aspect of Death

Image:Kanaxai Aspect of Exposure.jpg Kanaxai Aspect of Exposure

Image:Kanaxai Aspect of Lethargy.jpg Kanaxai Aspect of Lethargy

Image:Kanaxai Aspect of Death.jpg Kanaxai Aspect of Death

Image:Kanaxai Aspect of Scorpions.jpg Kanaxai Aspect of Scorpions

Image:Kanaxai Aspect of Soothing.jpg Kanaxai Aspect of Soothing

Image:Kanaxai Aspect of Surrender.jpg Kanaxai Aspect of Surrender

Image:Leviathan Arm.jpg Leviathan Arm

Image:Leviathan Claw.jpg Leviathan Claw

Image:Leviathan Head.jpg Leviathan Head

Image:Leviathan Mind.jpg Leviathan Mind

Image:Oni of the Deep.jpg Oni of the Deep

Image:Outcast Reaver.jpg Outcast Reaver

Image:Reborn Irukandji.jpg Reborn Irukandji

Image:Ripper Carp.jpg Ripper Carp

Image:Sapping Nightmare.jpg Sapping Nightmare

Image:Scourge Manta.jpg Scourge Manta

The Eternal Grove==== ====The Eternal Grove[]

Image:The Afflicted Maaka.jpg The Afflicted Maaka

Image:The Afflicted Xenxo.jpg The Afflicted Xenxo

Image:Tree Singer.jpg Tree Singer

The Undercity==== ====The Undercity[]

Image:Am Fah Leader.jpg Am Fah Leader

Image:Kappa (level 20).jpg Kappa (level 20)

Unwaking Waters==== ====Unwaking Waters[]

Image:The Afflicted Lau.jpg The Afflicted Lau

Image:The Afflicted Maaka.jpg The Afflicted Maaka

Image:The Afflicted Pana.jpg The Afflicted Pana

Image:The Afflicted Xenxo.jpg The Afflicted Xenxo

Urgoz's Warren==== ====Urgoz's Warren[]

Image:Brooding Thorn.jpg Brooding Thorn

Image:Greater Serpent.jpg Greater Serpent

Image:Maddened Dredge Savage.jpg Maddened Dredge Savage

Image:Maddened Dredge Seer.jpg Maddened Dredge Seer

Image:Maddened Earth Warden.jpg Maddened Earth Warden

Image:Maddened Forests Warden.jpg Maddened Forests Warden

Image:Maddened Song Warden.jpg Maddened Song Warden

Image:Maddened Spirit Warden.jpg Maddened Spirit Warden

Image:Maddened Thorn Warden.jpg Maddened Thorn Warden

Image:Maddened Wind Warden.jpg Maddened Wind Warden

Image:Uproot Malice.jpg Uproot Malice

Vizunah Square==== ====Vizunah Square[]

Image:The Afflicted Huan (Ranger).jpg The Afflicted Huan (Ranger)

Image:The Afflicted Thu.jpg The Afflicted Thu

Collector Pages Needing Images== ==Collector Pages Needing Images[]

Cantha=== ===Cantha[]

Panjiang Peninsula==== ====Panjiang Peninsula[]

Image:Guardsman Kenji.jpg Guardsman Kenji

Wajjun Bazaar==== ====Wajjun Bazaar[]

Image:Bae Kwon.jpg Bae Kwon

Armor Crafter Pages Needing Images== ==Armor Crafter Pages Needing Images[]

Cantha=== ===Cantha[]

Seitung Harbor==== ====Seitung Harbor[]

Image:Lain.jpg Lain

Image:Tsukare.jpg Tsukare