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Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Sanare Tencteri is Sangui's older sister, they are both from a small village in Lakeside County. Sanare was a student with the Sisters of Dwayna even before the searing and has remained a kind heart even after loosing many friends and family to the Charr. Sangui was too young to have a profession before the Charr invasion changed normal life in Ascalon, but he spent most of his childhood outdoors, so it is not a surprise he went on to become a ranger. However, the incidents changed a once lively boy into a secluded young man who prefers to stay alone and doesn't get on well with other people. His statement that he gets along better with them once they are dead is only half in joke.
  • Xeeron Tencteri is not related to Sanare or Sangui, but took on their last name in lack of one of his own. He is not even born in the world of Tyria, but instead escaped here from an entirely different realm of existance. In Folenn he used to be a mighty Cleric, well respected and versed on the battlefield, but when his world collapsed, he had to give up both his powers and his memories and also part of his character to escape. Arriving in Ascalon, he could not use any of the magic of this new land and had to learn to rely on his hands and feet to protect himself instead. Had it not been for Sanare, he might not have survived the mayhem of the Charr war. Xeeron is usually unbothered by danger and likes to be in the thick of battle. Deep inside he seems to think himself invincible, perhaps an echo of his past in Folenn, where he possessed powerful prayers and spells that would protect him.
  • Dori Tencteri ran away from home as a small child and has been raised in the Shing Jea Monastery. Her past is the one thing she will never talk about to strangers, but her unlikely knowledge of the art of assassins gives one hint. The most easy going of the four, she is perfectly aware of her powers to interact with the spirit world, but she did not develop the gloomy look on life of most necromancers. The closest thing to a friend Sangui has.

Tales[edit | edit source]

08:02, 3 October 2006 (CDT), Xeeron:

"So today I was visiting Sangui when the girls bugged us to get them some stuff to obtain accessories. Kraken Eyes, Dune Burrower Jaws or something a guy called Tomton Spiriteater seems to carry around. I bet they could have simply bought that crap, but you know how women are ...

Sangui went off to get the Kraken Eyes. Kraken Eyes! That guy creeps me out sometimes. Of course I searched that Spiriteater guy. Beating up Yetis is my favorite past time. Getting there is easy enough, it’s not like Yetis are hard to spot. But you know what, that guy refused to die! Would not even fight man to man, the coward; called all his local bullies to assist him. Now one yeti or ten, I usually don’t care, but I am sure they cheated: No matter how many blows I dodged, something still managed to hit me! And when I got one down till almost dead, my next blow would magically heal them! I bet that is some of that ritual crap Dori always tells me about. So I try and try and he still refuses to hand over the item I need. To make matters worse, Sangui is back with the Kraken Eyes, mumbling something about "Barrage doesn’t work, had to go touc". He TOUCHED the Kraken?? How gross is that!

But still, I was getting a bit enraged from all the Yetis, so I left Cantha and went home to find the Dune Burrowers in the Crystal Desert. They were guarded by scores of Minotaurs, but that was just to my liking, finally something to beat up in a fair melee. Can you believe that the girls traded the stuff in for useless items that don’t even give a bit more of armor? They where all chatting about energy, but I am sure they send us out hunting monsters just to get the newest fashion again."

07:41, 4 October 2006 (CDT), Sanare:

"Right after we came to Cantha, I remember being in a party which tried to help the Kurziks get rid of Urgoz. Such a horrible experience: Despite giving my best, people died left and right, vicious wolves were all over us. Thinking back how often I had to ask Dwayna to grant me to power to rebirth there still makes me shudder. After that I stayed clear of the nether regions for a long time.

However, yesterday I teamed up with a handsome monk, Transcendant One, who showed me around the Luxon "Deep". What a difference! Despite feeling a bit insecure at first, the party we managed to get into was working like a charm, so I soon enjoyed the trip. It is amazing to see that there are still warriors left who know to protect monks, instead of having it the other way round. We had an exceptionally capable and brave leader, who would go against hordes of monsters and round them up for our elementalists to kill. I am sure that Lyssa was smiling on him, he found two well deserves weapons near the dead body of Kanaxai.

That experience was so much better, I am happy we choose to live with the Luxons after all. Maybe I'll go back and search the lair of Kanaxai with another party, Xeeron looked a bit grumpy after he didn't manage to kill Tomton, I would love to present him with one of Kanaxai's items."

06:28, 8 October 2006 (CDT), Sanare:

"After that first experience, my hopes were high to join many parties which would help the Luxons clean up that infested dungeon. However, I made a sad experience: Many valiant heroes turn out to be mere treasure hunters! They don't even care about slaying the monsters and bettering the world, but simply enter the lair to steal the contents of the chests hidden there. If that were not bad enough, many do come unprepared. Why do people embark on such a difficult mission without informing themselves about the dangers they will face and the preparations that need to be made beforehand? What hit me most, thought, was the fact that a part of the adventurers seem to be lacking all sense on comradeship: More then once was I healing a group, when suddenly some members did steal after a hard fight, leaving the rest of the group unable to proceed. Such shameful behavior ... In the end, I got the present for Xeeron I was searching for, but my initial enthusiasm is gone: Everyone told me about “elite”, but I fear that people there are still governed by greed and selfishness."

06:23, 14 October 2006 (CDT), Xeeron:

"Did you have a look at my new axe? It looks so awesome! You know, I have always been more of a hammer man, but with this sweet blade, I could not help but cut a few monsters instead of stomping them into the group. Dori mentioned something about making a long trip soon and stocking up on equipment. Not that I mind, it *is* getting a bit boring around here. First I went off to defeat Strongroot in single combat to claim his shield. Would you believe that there are monsters actually fighting other monsters? I had to make sure there was someone still alive to battle with! Got Sskai's head, errr, sword to go with the shield and later I also found some really strange stuff: A monk wielding a hammer. Of course Monks should keep their fingers of hammers, so I gladly relieved him of the heavy burden. Of course you know that I could have all killed them singlehandedly, but I brought some others along to witness my battle skills, I guess it is fair enough to mention them. After all we went there as a party of three, without monk and still managed to slay the monsters troubling the eternal grove. Ahh and I could get something to present back to Sanare for that great axe she gave me, but don't tell her yet, it's a surprise."

13:28, 26 October 2006 (CDT), Dori:

"Haha, Xeeron and Sangui got pretty worked up about the gold, but it was just too fun to miss, I liked the games always best in the monastry. And really, there is still so much left, they should loosen up a bit. Funny enough, Sanare didnt even give me one bad word about the issue. Sure she is too nice a girl to be really angry with someone, but I wonder where those few tickets I found in the stash came from. Might our miss holy have some gambling problem? Now that would be hilarious. Anyway gold is just gold, I got some pretty reliable contacts who tell me you wont need it in the end ..."

Out of character[edit | edit source]

08:21, 15 October 2006 (CDT)

At the moment, I am doing the big "getting ready for nightfall" drive. There were a few PvE related things left, which I want out of the way before starting Nightfall. Getting several weapons, so I can play all builds in PvE, do the elite missions, get a title for everyone. The double farming weekend helped a lot: I am not inherently opposed to gaining greens, however I cant stand the repetitiveness of farming. I do like comming up with a good build to solo a boss, however if the weapon doesnt drop the third time I kill him, I am likely to call it a day and not try again.

Something else which struck me (again) while doing PvE was the wast superiority of the prophecies bonus system to the factions one. While I still can have fun doing prophecies boni (even if that means playing the mission for the umphtens time), racing against the clock in factions really drains the fun from doing missions. I plan on getting Tyrian protector with all my PvE characters, but I dont think anyone apart from Dori will get Canthan.

At last, it has been fun starting to write that down. Unlike many people around here, I do not have a past of playing lots of roleplaying games, but I did have some rough story in mind for my characters when I started playing. I dont plan to actually be "in character" while playing, but writting small in character summaries of what I do here has been fun so far. --Xeeron