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Welcome to GuildWiki, a wiki and guide for ArenaNet's cooperative online RPG, Guild Wars.

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What's New?

Characters – Skills & Gear

  • Professions – The different character classes and their attributes.
    • Skills – All the skills, sorted by profession.
    • Builds – Effective farming/pvp character builds designed by other players.
  • Armor Types – List of all armor sets in the game.
    • Runes – Apply them to your armor to improve attributes.
  • Weapons – Weapons, Focus Items and Shields
  • Materials – Things your need to craft armor and weapons.
  • Dye – Add fancy color to armor and weapons.

Game Mechanics

  • Health – Needed to live, capacity and regen/degen info.
  • Energy – Capacity and regen/degen info.
  • Adrenaline – Just like energy, only different.
  • Damage – How it works and the math behind it.
  • Experience points – The math behind the points earned.
  • Conditions – The bad mojo; what kinds and how to cope.

Game Basics

Gameplay Types

PvE: Cooperative Exploring

PvP: Competitive Team Play

Helping Out On This Wiki

A successful wiki relies on the contributions of many, many people.

  • How to help – Add a new skill, correct armor information, upload a map!
  • Style and formatting – Everything you need to make a good looking article. Recommended reading.
  • New Contributions – Want to write a new article but not sure where it goes? Link it here!
  • Wanted pages – Articles that are linked to but have no information.

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