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|[[Image:Messagebox info.png]]
|<big>'''Notice:'''</big> No contributions to a wiki that [[GuildWiki:Wikia Move|betrays its users]] from me. Find me at
== Guildwars Characters ==
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|- style="text-align:center;background: gold;"
! !! [[User:Xeeron/Xeeron_Tencteri|Xeeron Tencteri]] !! [[User:Xeeron/Sanare_Tencteri|Sanare Tencteri]] !! [[User:Xeeron/Sangui_Tencteri|Sangui Tencteri]] !! [[User:Xeeron/Dori_Tencteri|Dori Tencteri]]
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| || Prophecies Character || Prophecies Character || Prophecies Character || Factions Character
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|style="text-align:left;"| '''Primary'''||[[Image:Warrior-icon.png|20px]]Warrior||[[Image:Monk-icon.png|20px]]Monk||[[Image:Ranger-icon.png|20px]]Ranger||[[Image:Ritualist-icon.png|20px]]Ritualist
|-style="text-align:center;" valign=middle
|style="text-align:left;"| '''Secondary'''||[[Image:Elementalist-icon.png|20px]]Elementalist||[[Image:Mesmer-icon.png|20px]]Mesmer||[[Image:Necromancer-icon.png|20px]]Necromancer||[[Image:Assassin-icon.png|20px]]Assassin
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|style="text-align:left;" | '''Level:'''||20 ||20 ||20 ||20
Neither character (''click the names for more info'') has any expensive armor or weapons since I am not willing to waste any money on good looking (but otherwise useless) items.
While I did give every PvE part of the game a try at least, I have never been into Gold farming or doing other farming a lot. My characters currently busy themselves doing leftover mission boni, mainly in Tyria, where this is much more fun than racing against the clock. A lot of my time is spend in [[PvP]], either guild matches (if my european-american mixed guild manages to get both parts of the world online at the same time) or in [[Heroes' Ascent]], which I have started playing again after the change to 6 player teams.
''Listen to their [[User:Xeeron/Tales|stories]].''
== Guild Wiki ==
{| style="text-align: center; background: beige; border: 1px dotted brown; text-align: left; width: 25%;"
| My [ new user page] on the official wiki
My first field of interest on the wiki was expanding the (then) very poor [[PvP]] section. By now I am mainly concerned with the rapidly developing [[builds]] part. Apart from that, I got into the ''deeper'' workings of the wiki by thinking about help pages, the issue of [[:Category:Votes|Votes]] or categorizing. If I am not busy doing any of those, I am usually found checking the talk pages of various articles.
=== April 1st 2006 ===
The new upcoming Guild Wars expansion [[User:Xeeron/Guild Wars Miners and Traders|Guild Wars Miners and Traders]] is announced. Thanks to all who helped (in true wiki-tradition) to evolve even aprils fool jokes into ''better'' aprils fool jokes.
=== Builds are l33t!===
== Name: [ Xeeron] ==
The name '''Xeeron''' was made up by me, ages ago, when I started to play my first internet game, [ Magestorm]. I wanted a name that is easily pronounced in both German and English, a short one and hopefully a unique one. It is not totally unique anymore, but 75% of the Google entries are mine, which I consider good for a 6 letter word.
It has since become my Internet pseudonym on boards, wikis and various games. Both the family name ''Tencteri'' and the names ''Sanare'' and ''Sangui'' are derived from latin (despite my hate for that subject back in school, lol).
''The link leads to a page I set up in memory of my first guild in Magestorm, which died long time ago. It is designed after the Magestorm UI, with mostly ingame grafics being used.''
== Guild: [ Strike Force (SF)]==
We are a rather old guild (by internet standarts) founded more than 7 years ago. Having migrated here when our ''home game'' Magestorm began to die, we are now based in Guild Wars. Many are old Magestorm players, but we picked up a bunch of talented new players during the Beta weekends. Most of us play a lot of PvE, however the main interest of the guild is in PvP, whenever we manage to get both the European and American members online at the same time, we can be found fighting guild matches. The guild is rather family-like, with only about 20 active members, and has a distict drive towards spontanious crazyness.
Apart from GW, some of us are Beta crazy, testing out whatever new game is available, or we have fun with a quick round of [ gunbound]. Heart and soul of the guild are the [ message boards].
We recently switched to Kurzick side and are now heading a small alliance with two other guilds.
== Notes to Self ==
*'''NEVER''' again use a monster like ''Tomb of the Primeval Kings maps'' for a category name. You will regret it!
*If looking for templates, go here: [[:Category:Templates]]
*When searching for RGB codes the next time: [ color codes]
*Change [[:Category:Tested builds]] to something better (favored?)
*Check on [[Build:Mo/N Boon Prot|Mo/N Boon Prot]]
===Build vote quick copy&paste===
<nowiki>''Please test and vote on [[:Category:Untested builds|new builds]]''</nowiki>
<nowiki>'''Tested/Favored''' ''(please leave your signature & comment):''</nowiki>
<nowiki>#(your vote)</nowiki>
<nowiki>'''Unfavored''' ''(please leave your signature & reason):''</nowiki>
<nowiki>#(your vote)</nowiki>
=== Subpages ===
*[[User:Xeeron/Build volunteers]]
*[[User:Xeeron/Current build procedure]]
*[[User:Xeeron/TOP5|Top 5 of signs telling you that you play too much Guildwars]]

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