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The humor police are a group of people chosen by rebel Guild Wars player Zulu Inuoe to root out the lame and un-funny evil of the Humor section. Work on this sub-project should advance rather quickly. This page is merely a place-holder until something more decent is written out. Anyone who'd like to help out should post on the Discussion page or Zulu's talk page. Thank you very much!

Here's a quick complimentary userbox for those who decide to join up:

LOL - Y This user is part of the Guild Wiki
<font-size: 150%>Humor Police

To get it on your userbox type:

{{userbox|orange|yellow|LOL - Y|This user is part of the Guild Wiki 
:<font-size: 150%><B>[[User:Zulu_Inuoe/Humor_Police|Humor Police]]</B></font>[[Category:Users/Humor Police]]}}

The link for Gwiki Humor is:

The link for the new humor page that will be used after cleanup is: