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Understand you deleting my comment about Koss and farming, but don't you think item #2 is somewhat vague about whether you can carry Koss? Seems to suggest to me that it leans towards flagging him which takes unnecessary time. If you don't agree then just forget the matter and don't reply. I'll never contribute to this wiki again and will remove my membership. Dock

The purpose of flagging Koss away has to do with how the game assigns loot to party members. With Koss in radar-range, there is always a chance a drop would be assigned to him. See the loot article for more details on how loot sharing works in the game.
As for your contributions, they are always welcome and encouraged on this and other wikis. Don't let this event discourage you from further contributions. (See GuildWiki:You are valuable.) However, you may want to read the sections “GuildWiki:How to help” and “GuildWiki:Style and formatting” for more advice. --DaveBaggins 06:40, May 12, 2010 (UTC)