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!!! -PanSola 11:17, 13 April 2007 (CDT)

This page truly is a forum...Lord of all tyria 11:17, 13 April 2007 (CDT)

The builds will be deleted anyway. Why cant i delete **** ones now?

Blanking =/= Deleting. — Skuld 17:30, 16 April 2007 (CDT)

Need your help (Shocking I know)

Well, need to make my first archive, and I have come here to ask you if I can use the system you are using. You are the "The Master of Archiving" ;). Readem (talk*contribs) 17:59, 13 April 2007 (CDT)

Feel free :) — Skuld 18:01, 13 April 2007 (CDT)

I need help too :-)

So, due to the build wiping, I'm going to need(not really, its a disire for myself and my guild) to have some builds on my user page. My guess is, the whole article won't fit on my user page. Even if it did, it would be very bulky. I'm simply asking how I make another page within my userpage. Tyvm! Nilator 18:51, 13 April 2007 (CDT)

Go to and hit edit — Skuld 03:41, 14 April 2007 (CDT)

New Skuld skill

Hey Skuld, I created another skill to add to your growing repertoire...Quick was Skuld! Entropy Sig.jpg (T/C) 23:15, 13 April 2007 (CDT)

lawl :P — Skuld 03:41, 14 April 2007 (CDT)

Mornin'. -Auron My Talk 03:42, 15 April 2007 (CDT)

/wave. Mursaat invaded maguuma stade last night, I got killed by one :p — Skuld 03:44, 15 April 2007 (CDT)
Lol. I have a fire wand skin you might like. My ele is old-school and uses staves only :P -Auron My Talk 03:47, 15 April 2007 (CDT)

Where is the healing skills quick reference?

Either the wiki's missing it, or I can't find it, because we don't appear to have one. There are out of date and incomplete lists at Health and Heal, but no quick reference as far as I can see. If there isn't one, I'll make one; thought I'd post here in the Skuld Forums to get a quick response before I waste my time redoing a page that might exist somewhere. Issa Dabir 12:17, 15 April 2007 (CDT)

I can't see one at Category:Skill type quick references, I don't think there is one. Healing Prayers skills? ;D — Skuld 12:19, 15 April 2007 (CDT)
Nice quick response. I can't find one either, so I'll start it now. Incidentally, one other question, now that I've pinned you down: is the correct format for quick references with thin boxes like Inflict crippled skills quick reference, or with thick boxes like No recharge energy skills quick reference? I suspect it's the former - the latter is formatted like a overview page, not a quick reference - but I thought I'd check. Issa Dabir 12:26, 15 April 2007 (CDT)
Second one, btw check my response at talk:health -- Xeon 12:27, 15 April 2007 (CDT)
Meh, the first is much more useful with the added notes — Skuld 12:29, 15 April 2007 (CDT)
If you think such a long qr can be maintained properly over time using the earlier, use it. -- Xeon 12:32, 15 April 2007 (CDT)
I said it is more useful. — Skuld 13:10, 15 April 2007 (CDT)
You posted so fast in the Talk:Healing skills quick reference we almost had an edit conflict - I needed to fix a typo & stuff. You must have your browser open to My Watchlist while hammering on F5 all day. :) Issa Dabir 05:53, 16 April 2007 (CDT)
Na, waiting for a DoA PuG to stop sucking (ha), not much else to do :p — Skuld 05:56, 16 April 2007 (CDT)


I just pmed you in-game! WOOOT, lawl....Pogsigv2.jpg(t-c) 15:48, 15 April 2007 (CDT)

Go you! :p — Skuld 15:58, 15 April 2007 (CDT)


I think you are going too far with your comments all the time now and many of your comments violate GW:NPA. Could you please relax a bit? --Gem-icon-sm.png (gem / talk) 06:15, 16 April 2007 (CDT)

Sure, sorry. — Skuld 06:29, 16 April 2007 (CDT)
Thanks. ^^ --Gem-icon-sm.png (gem / talk) 06:33, 16 April 2007 (CDT)



SHIELDBASHLOLOWNED — Skuld 16:37, 16 April 2007 (CDT)
Bunnies. With big sharp teeth. — Skuld 16:40, 16 April 2007 (CDT)
OH DARN, you beat me >.>Pogsigv2.jpg(t-c) 16:41, 16 April 2007 (CDT)

my god, you beat me to all the vandal reverts... >.> Ni. 17:27, 16 April 2007 (CDT)

You 2 are seriously bored o.O ----InfestedHydralisk Shadow Prison.jpg 17:29, 16 April 2007 (CDT)
ur telling me i was trying to keep up but they waint like crazyStevo101 17:31, 16 April 2007 (CDT)
=P. Down w/ skuld! We want reverts too! Ni. 17:32, 16 April 2007 (CDT)
And here lies another case of "Too Slow!". --Kale Ironfist 17:43, 16 April 2007 (CDT)

=O, before skuld was on I beat him to all the reverts :).Pogsigv2.jpg(t-c) 19:03, 16 April 2007 (CDT)




insc plat blade

Where? BigAstro 20:26, 16 April 2007 (CDT)

HA chests drop 'em. Tain 20:58, 16 April 2007 (CDT)
Ah ok, I'm not much of PvPer. Thanks. BigAstro 21:04, 16 April 2007 (CDT)

HA chest, singular. Also available from 1 other locked chest.. ;) — Skuld 04:25, 17 April 2007 (CDT)

Oooo, the mystery. BigAstro 15:32, 17 April 2007 (CDT)

FoW is fun


try it some time ;D — Skuld 17:26, 17 April 2007 (CDT)

...*steals build* oh wait... I don't have an ele... Wyvern 17:36, 17 April 2007 (CDT)
I've done it with triple chop W/D and D/Mo — Skuld 17:37, 17 April 2007 (CDT)

Page Clearing

Look at the pages im clearing, they have worthless text...--Stevo101 17:57, 17 April 2007 (CDT)

Blanking =/= deleting. If someone spraypaints a wall, you BLOW IT UP, don't paint over it. Or.. something :p — Skuld 18:02, 17 April 2007 (CDT)
He's right... just don't do that in real life I doubt blowing up a side of your home over a little graffiti does much Wyvern 18:07, 17 April 2007 (CDT)
well how do i Blow it up??Stevo101 18:09, 17 April 2007 (CDT)
slap {{delete}} on and a sysop will delete it — Skuld 18:10, 17 April 2007 (CDT)
goes to blow up skuld's page, oh and shield bash :DStevo101 18:11, 17 April 2007 (CDT)
Dammit he's way too fast, we need some speed bumps on the wiki =P Wyvern 18:12, 17 April 2007 (CDT)
Invokes skills "Cause Lag" "Cause Crash" "Cause Nagging Parent/Wife/Girldfriend" and "Alt F4" on skuld... that should do it... we hope--Devils Apprentice 18:49, 17 April 2007 (CDT)
Speed bumps are a trap :o, just make sure he doesn't catch you, god it's fun to bring up old stuff like that... Wyvern 18:58, 17 April 2007 (CDT)
Obsidian Flesh Spell Breaker Shadow Form FTW!!Stevo101 18:59, 17 April 2007 (CDT)

logging in

lol ty-- 11:02, 18 April 2007 (CDT) (forgot to log in again :P)


You keep not being on when I'm on GW, lol... so here looky :) Image1, Image2, hehe funny :) NOT photoshoped :D.Pogsigv2.jpg(t-c) 17:37, 18 April 2007 (CDT)

Nifty... am I seeing what I'm supposed to be seeing? Not even my Assassin has Shadow Prison yet... --GEO-logo.png Jioruji Derako.> 18:14, 18 April 2007 (CDT)
Haha, awesome :D — Skuld 18:33, 18 April 2007 (CDT)
I got a friend to kill the boss with the wurm while I was dead and clear the path. That way I could run to the boss and cap it :)Pogsigv2.jpg(t-c) 18:58, 18 April 2007 (CDT)


What you think of this?

Devastating Hammer.jpg Heavy Blow.jpg Crushing Blow.jpg Enraging Charge.jpg Flail.jpg Grasping Earth.jpg Healing Signet.jpg Resurrection Signet.jpg

Think it can Lock a Monk ;)? Any suggestions? Readem (talk*contribs) 23:07, 18 April 2007 (CDT)

Although Flail is generally used for grasping earth, I don't like it for a spike since it takes adrenaline and you mgiht not have enough for dev hammer. Put in Frenzy, you already have a cancel(a long recharging one, but sprint has a long reharge too). Good idea though...I hate Backreabker with a passsion...DEV HAMMER FOREVER—Cheese.jpg Cheese Slaya (Talk) 23:13, 18 April 2007 (CDT)

Backbreaker.jpg Crushing Blow.jpg Mighty Blow.jpg Power Attack.jpg Bull's Strike.jpg Flail.jpg Enraging Charge.jpg Resurrection Signet.jpg

I use this in RA, its usually insta-kill to a caster if they don't get any help. Switch Power Attack for Protector's Strike if you like. — Skuld 04:32, 19 April 2007 (CDT)

Backbreaker > Devhammer, kk? -Silk Weaker 04:40, 19 April 2007 (CDT)

Yeah, I'm running similar to what Readem posted on my warrior except for Heal Sig cause I don't want to put points into tactics, and I haven't tried Heavy Blow yet but am planning to. I've tried it with Backbreaker and Devastating, but can't decide which I prefer. I've also tried For Great Justice in it. FGJ combo'd with Enraging Charge means Backbreaker is ready pretty quickly. I hate the downtime on FGJ though. -- BrianG 11:33, 19 April 2007 (CDT)
/R Serpent's Quickness? Wouldn't need many points would it? --Armond Warblade Warrior(talk) 16:33, 19 April 2007 (CDT)
No - bull's strike, interrupts, power attack, protector's strike, shock should ALWAYS take priority over fgj. It just isnb't good - use enraging charge (or even the outlclasses to the limit). — Skuld 16:43, 19 April 2007 (CDT)
I realize that, but you could take out power attack, couldn't you? --Armond Warblade Warrior(talk) 16:47, 19 April 2007 (CDT)
13 strength power attack with a sundering hammer - go hit shit and tell me that you would take it out. — Skuld 16:49, 19 April 2007 (CDT)
Dev hammer used to be great because of Fierce Blow, but with the mighty blow buff, fierce is less good. Bakcbreaker/earthshaker is the way to go — Skuld 11:38, 19 April 2007 (CDT)
Bakcbreaker pwns kittens. -Auron My Talk 11:41, 19 April 2007 (CDT)
Poor Dev hammer, it has gone to hammer heaven I hope. Readem (talk*contribs) 17:15, 19 April 2007 (CDT)

I see you...

As with me seeing Karlos AFK, I just saw you AFK in Ran Musu Gardens! --Kale Ironfist 06:29, 19 April 2007 (CDT)

Zomg Solus DiscipleSymbol2.jpg 06:30, 19 April 2007 (CDT)


Just here to inform you that you are currently in first place in my SoW contest. Not to get your autograph :P! Readem (talk*contribs) 15:41, 22 April 2007 (CDT)

Awesome :P — Skuld 15:54, 22 April 2007 (CDT)
Congrats Skuld, you have won the SoW. Pick a fav Elite of your choice that you believe needs attention, and I'll get things going immediately. If you want, I'll leave the User Box you won on this page. It will be done by the end of the next SoW :D Readem (talk*contribs) 17:15, 23 April 2007 (CDT)
Hmm, picking an Elite before Sunday would help Skuld.... And why didn't you give a profile when your guild was GotW? You are the most famous of them all ;P Readem (talk*contribs) 00:56, 24 April 2007 (CDT)
Wasn't my guild back then ;) I choose... Visions of Regret. — Skuld 01:57, 24 April 2007 (CDT)


Thank you for reversing the vandalism on User: Sith Penguin Lord. I am him, I am just on a computer with cookies disable where I cannot log in. 12:37, 23 April 2007 (CDT)


Geez, 'r u still 15... —SigmA Sigmasig2.gif 12:39, 23 April 2007 (CDT)

What's wrong with that? I am not much older :p. Readem (talk*contribs) 17:16, 23 April 2007 (CDT)
He's a few months older than me, hence 16, therefore better :P — Skuld 17:19, 23 April 2007 (CDT)
Haha, I am starting to feel self-concious then. Readem (talk*contribs) 21:14, 23 April 2007 (CDT)

Bolten's Recurve Bow

So we don't do looping redirects? Want me to go undo Koahm's Flatbow and the Deatheater Longbow? <_<; GD Defender 10:37, 24 April 2007 (CDT)

FLAT BOW, RECURVE BOW, LONG BOW. Not the same. — Skuld 10:38, 24 April 2007 (CDT)
Understood. I only changed it because Deatheater and Koahm's had redirects. GD Defender 10:40, 24 April 2007 (CDT)


You are formally invited to partipate in the new SoW. This weeks skill was chosen by User:Skuld. There is also a new contest involved. Create a Build focused around the current SoW, to win 2 things a User Box made by me (Skuld denied I am pretty sure) and the ability to pick next weeks SoW :D. Gl and enjoy! Readem (talk*contribs) 17:41, 24 April 2007 (CDT) (Guess you know about this skill huh? ;P)


I have been looking for a person to be my partner in vanquishing areas. I am mostly going to work on vanquishing the Crystal Desert and Maguuma Jungle. My friend is going to get a couple people from his guild to help but do you want to come along? Sith Penguin Lord 12:06, 25 April 2007 (CDT)

I need to get there first, I have sanctum cay and divinity coast that need completing. Curse non-native characters! — Skuld 12:27, 25 April 2007 (CDT)

Planning on clearing Tasca's Demise, or Traveler's Vale if u wish to help. give me ring on my talk page or here if u want to join.--Stevo101 13:44, 25 April 2007 (CDT)

Starting a Party for deldrimor Bowl if anyone wants to come.--Stevo101 12:05, 26 April 2007 (CDT)


Just a bit curious, how is Frustration related to Cry of Frustration? One makes the foe cast slower and damages upon interrupt, and the other is an AoE interrupt... is there something I'm missing? Because they seem completely unrelated Wyvern 15:13, 26 April 2007 (CDT)

Cry damages as well, remember. -Auron My Talk 15:15, 26 April 2007 (CDT)
But then we would have to put things like Power Spike in as well, wouldn't we? Because it's related to interrupting during casting a spell as well Wyvern 15:18, 26 April 2007 (CDT)
Frustration is small damage on interrupt. Power Spike is big damage on spell interrupt, totally unrelated. They do have frustration in the name ;) — Skuld 15:41, 26 April 2007 (CDT)
Well this debate is frustrating , let's just leave it be, you're right about the small interrupt damage, but let's not say the same-words-in-the-name thing, it would give people bad ideas (mainly thinking about the beast mastery skills, where quite a few words are shared) Wyvern 15:52, 26 April 2007 (CDT)