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First impressions[]

Hi there, I got your message on my talk page, and I'd be happy to share with you my first impressions of your new version of this article. I'll just start at the top of the article and work my way down.

  • The first thing I noticed was something that has been around for many revisions; I don't like the first sentence at all. It might be a simple fix of changing it to say the date of the revision instead of referring to Nightfall, but it might be more than that. But then you mention Nightfall again in the next sentence, and I think getting away from that would be a good idea. I don't think any mention of the "old way" is encyclopaedic enough for the main article, which is why in my little spiel I suggested it should go in a Dye guide, which I've recently been re-inspired to work on, because I just got my hands on some actual authentic "Mixed Dye" I can play with.
  • The first image has an incorrect caption: it should say Dye Preview panel, not window.
  • The spacing on the page looks odd, and I see you've done it on purpose. Perhaps there just are too many images for too little text, and you might be able to demonstrate your concepts with fewer images. I see a way to cut it down from six to just four useful images:
    • Remove the second image, which is a copy of the first.
    • Remove the third image, which is the same as the first two except in blue. It doesn't really provide much additional information. It's enough that the zoom-out and rotate pictures are in blue, while the first is in red.
  • The zoom and rotate images would be so much more useful if there was an arrow drawn on them showing the direction of mouse movements that create the effect. (Also: put them in the order, left to right, that matches the order they are mentioned in the article.)
  • In the Usage section, the last sentence would be better to point to the Dye guide that I haven't written yet. :) It's also not strictly accurate: I believe that you can't use two of the same dye, unless there's a third different colour between them in the dye panel. I'm all set to investigate and put the info in the Dye Guide.
  • The "General Info" section has too vague a title. Perhaps a restructuring of titles would help. In fact, perhaps this info would be most useful as part of a very concise summary of only and exactly what the Dye Preview Panel is for, and have it show up before the Table of Contents (i.e. don't give it a section title, and place it first, at the "level 0" place on the page). Hmm, I have some thoughts on that, but I'm going to focus on the Dye guide first.
  • Lastly, you don't need to give an opinion to the reader. Two examples:
    • Sure, the panel is "useful", but the article will demonstrate that just fine without you saying it specifically.
    • It's similarly obvious that rotating and zooming are "nice" features.

If you're still up for tweaking this more and submitting it, I'd be happy to see your revisions when you've done them. If you've moved on to other things, I don't mind taking on the job myself, but I'll be doing the Dye guide first because then I know how much I'll be saying in that article that doesn't need to be said here. I'll keep a watch on this page and see how things go! --Qrystal 02:28, 31 March 2007 (CDT)