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Vabbian Noble
Vabbi Noble.jpgVabbi Noble Fem.jpg
Species: Human
Level(s): 10


Vabbian Nobles are the wealthier inhabitants of Vabbi.
They have no real purpose other than to add more atmosphere and realism to the game.


Skills used[]


After completing Tihark Orchard (mission):

"I'm glad the party was crashed. I wasn't even invited."
"I'm tired from too much partying."
"Oh, yes, I was at the party, and I saw everything."
"The guards at that party were terrible! Everything was their fault."
"Varesh is hunting the Sunspears, but who is hunting Varesh?"

After completing Dasha Vestibule (mission):

"Bokka and Mehtu are cowards. They should be taken to the center of the city and whipped."
"Do you really think Varesh might attack Vabbi?"
"I've heard the streets of Kourna are lined with gold and Varesh is looking for more."
"Mehtu and Bokka, fleeing to the Hidden City? Scandalous! They could have at least taken me."
"You stink of travel. Go bathe before approaching me again."

After completing Grand Court of Sebelkeh (mission):

"Nightfall! But I haven't anything to wear!"
"Temples are sacred places, and I hope the gods punish those who despoiled it."
"The stories of Nightfall are told to children to scare them into bed. I'm not afraid."
"They destroyed the Temple of Lyssa! How barbaric!"
"Varesh may have fled, but the damage she wrought remains."

After completing Ruins of Morah (mission):

"Get me out of Elona and away from Nightfall! I can pay. Whatever it takes."
"I didn't want to believe in Nightfall. But there's no escaping it now."
"My poor children. I'm so afraid for them."
"The darkness. The darkness. It's everywhere! Get it off me!"
"The world ending and demons everywhere...It's all too much for me."

After completing Abaddon's Gate (mission):

"Did you know, I knew Kormir before he was a god? He came to one of my parties, once."
"Elona's sun rises again thanks to your bravery. Now can you do something about to monsters on my estate?"
"Ew. Don't you ever bathe?"
"Things are so much better now! Thanks you!"
"Varesh should have known better than to fight the Sunspears."


  • The Vabbian Noble says "he" instead of "she" in the quote concerning Kormir. This is probably intended as humor to indicate that they are lying to impress the player.
  • The female Vabbian Nobles have a similar appearance to characters under the effect of Avatar of Dwayna.