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Vabbian Commoner
Species: Human
Level(s): 2, 10


Vabbian Commoners comprise the general population of Vabbi and are found in various locations throughout the region of Vabbi.



Prior to Tihark Orchard (mission):

"If you can't find it at the bazaar, you just can't find it."
"It's too humid to be bandying about, don't you agree?"
"The canyons and valleys keep our little haven secluded. I rather like the privacy."
"The Sunspears are weak. No wonder Varesh crushed them in Kourna."
"Varesh says she's sending forces to protect us from the Sunspears. We don't need the help."

After completing Tihark Orchard:

"Do you think the Sunspears attacked that party in the gardens last night?"
"I heard that the Sunspears eat babies and summon demons! How awful!"
"I sure hope those Sunspears give Varesh some trouble."
"It's dangerous to travel between towns these days. Too many monsters and Sunspears about."
"The wind from the mountains has changed. That's a bad sign."

After completing Dasha Vestibule (mission), the lines change to:

"Everyone in Vabbi seems so frightened lately. Oh well, fear sells goods."
"I hate to say anything bad about anybody, especially our leaders... But did you hear about those cowards who call themselves princes?"
"I've heard that not everyone in Varesh's army is human..."
"Mehtu and Bokka, hid in an underground city? Are they princes or badgers?"
"My, what a warm day this has turned into. You think Varesh has something to do with that, too?"

After completing Dzagonur Bastion (mission), the lines instead become:

"Ahmtur the Mighty certainly lived up to his name! I wish the other princes had half his courage."
"Ahmtur the Mighty once bought something in my shop."
"Citadel? What do I care? The whole army's acting strangely..."
"I'm thinking of taking my family to Istan."
"The assault on the citadel is all the news you hear these days. What about the heat?"

After completing Grand Court of Sebelkeh (mission):

"I felt safe here once. But now I fear the old legends may be true."
"My sister was a priestess of Lyssa. I hope she's alright!"
"The Temple of Lyssa? Destroyed! Oh no. What's next?"
"Varesh isn't dead. She's hellspawn. You can't kill something that evil."
"Why aren't you packing yet?"

After completing Ruins of Morah (mission):

"I refuse to believe such a terrible rumor. End of the world? Never."
"I'd sell my shop to avoid Nightfall. Heck, I'd sell my mother."
"If I'm going to die, then I plan to die rich."
"I'm sorry we never got to know each other better. I guess it's too late now."
"What good is money now? Oh my gods. Has it come to that?"

Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of Nightfall Campaign.

After completion of the campaign:

"Have you heard the word of the god Kormir?"
"Monsters are everywhere. The Sunspears back...Things are worse than ever."
"Well, I'm glad the world didn't end. But I sold everything in that "end of the world" sale."
"You heroes plan to stay in Vabbi to help us, don't you? Right?"