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  1. Seal the rifts in the Vehtendi Valley by defeating all demons surrounding each rift. You have 3...0 rifts left to seal.
  2. See Prince Bokka the Magnificent for your reward.

Obtained from

Prince Bokka the Magnificent in Resplendent Makuun


Scorched Earth
Goren is required in the party



"The strange rifts appearing of late are increasing in frequency. The library scholars have yet to determine what is happening, but it seems you stumbled across something important while helping Diji in Vehtendi Valley. According to the texts, those rifts you encountered could be connected to the minions surrounding these areas... in fact, the rifts seem to feed on the things. Destroy the minions, and the rifts is sealed... at least, temporarily. We received reports that three more rifts opened in Vehtendi Valley since you destroyed that one.
I can think of nobody better to deal with this threat. Take the demons down swiftly and without hesitation, or the lands you swore to protect will fall. Go now, and eradicate the rest of these foul rifts from Vehtendi Valley!"
Accept: "A Sunspear never hesitates to mete out justice."
Reject: "Wait a minute. The rifts eat the demons? And this is a bad thing?"

Reward Dialogue

"Stay close. I fear I will need your skills again, brave adventurer.


In Defense of Theatre


Enter Vehtendi Valley from Yahnur Market. The quest marker will lead you to three separate rifts, each guarded by a group of Margonites. Defeat all three groups and return to Prince Bokka for your reward.

Quest Series
Scorched Earth (Nightfall) · Valley of the Rifts · In Defense of Theatre