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A weapon with a "Vampiric" name prefix is equipped with a weapon upgrade of the same name:

For more details, see: weapon upgrade


Life Draining

A vampiric weapon upgrade adds the following two effects to a weapon:

Every time a vampiric weapon hits a foe, the attacker will gain the specified amount of health, and the target will lose that amount of health. The Life Draining effect against enemies is prized for its additional life steal on top of the normal attack damage. A maximum vampiric upgrade will add more to attacks than a maximum sundering upgrade.

To balance the life draining, vampiric weapons always come with a malus of Health degeneration -1 (-2 health per second), which continues as long as you have the weapon equipped. When not in combat it is advisable to switch to another Weapon Set.

Net health gain per second[]

Weapon type seconds/hit Life stealing: With 33% IAS
1 3 4 5 1 3 4 5
Sword, Axe 1.33 -1.25 0.25 -0.88 1.38
Daggers (0 Dagger Mastery) 1.311 -1.24 0.30 -0.85 1.44
Daggers (12 Dagger Mastery) 1.061 -1.06 0.84 -0.58 2.25
Spear 1.50 -1.33 0.00 -1.00 1.00
Hammer, Scythe2 1.75 -1.43 0.29 0.86 -1.14 1.43 2.29
Shortbow, Flatbow 2.00 -1.50 0.00 0.50 -1.25 1.00 1.75
Longbow, Recurve Bow 2.40 -1.58 -0.33 0.08 -1.38 0.50 1.13
Hornbow 2.70 -1.63 -0.52 -0.15 -1.44 0.22 0.78
1 The seconds/hit numbers for daggers take into account the effect of double strikes.
2 Calculations for scythes assume only one enemy is struck.


  • An IAS (Increased Attack Speed) like Frenzy or Tiger's Fury will increase the health gain per second, as you will gain more health while still only having 1 pip of health degen.
  • Skills that hit multiple foes, like Cyclone Axe or Barrage, and the scythe's ability to hit multiple foes, especially when accompanied by Whirling Charge and other attack speed enhancers, can greatly increase the amount of health gain when you are attacking a group of enemies.
  • Vampiric upgrades do not provide any life stealing for attacks made while enchanted with Illusionary Weaponry. However, they will provide life stealing when using Distracting Blow.
  • Due to the April 26, 2006 update, vampiric weapon upgrades now occur only on rare weapons. Thus the only vampiric upgrades that drop are now 3/-1s for daggers, spears, swords, and axes, and 4/-1s and 5/-1s for hammers, scythes and bows. 1/-1 upgrades can still be unlocked at a Priest of Balthazar.
  • While equipped with a vampiric weapon, you will not experience natural health regeneration while idle. Therefore, while recovering from battle it is a good idea to switch to another weapon.
  • When striking an enemy with a vampiric weapon, the life stealing will always occur before the damage. If this is enough to kill the enemy, your attack will not be counted a "hit," and therefore will not cause you gain adrenaline or trigger on-hit effects such as Insidious Parasite.