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Locations of Countess Nadya in Regent Valley


  1. Find and kill Countess Nadya inside the Regent Valley.
  2. See Lieutenant Langmar for your reward.

Obtained from

Lieutenant Langmar in Ascalon City


Prophecies Pre-Searing Character
Level 10



"Blasted royalists! It's a shame to see many of the most distinguished Ascalonians become nothing better than lowly bandits over political nonsense. Duke Barradin himself recognizes the legitimacy of Adelbern's rule, and still they persist in trying to hand Adelbern's crown over to the Duke.
We believe the former Countess Nadya is the one pulling the royalist's strings and sowing dissent among them. By order of the Ascalon Vanguard, she has been deemed a traitor and must be sent to Grenth's impending judgment. If you feel you have what it takes to complete this task, go to Regent Valley and strike her down!"
Accept: "For king and country!"
Reject: "I don't want to get involved in your politics."

Intermediate Dialogue

Countess Nadya: "You will die for serving the false king, Adelbern!"

Reward Dialogue

"With the loss of their leader, hopefully the royalists will realize this is a lost cause and embrace Adelburn's rule."