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Effect details
Vanguard Initiate
Vanguard Initiate.jpg
Campaign: Core
Type: Effect

Your armor is improved while performing missions for the Ascalon Vanguard.


Vanguard Initiate is an effect granted while performing quests for Lieutenant Langmar in Pre-Searing Ascalon. The effect will be present in all areas while a Vanguard quest is active.

The effect sets the character's overall armor rating to a fixed number based the character's level and profession, listed in the table below. This overrides the base armor rating (stated as "X armor") of all equipped armor and shields; however, any armor bonuses on equipped items (stated as "+X armor") will still be active.

Character level 10 – 13 14 – 16 17 – 20
Warrior 40 55 70
Ranger 25 40 55
MonkNecromancerMesmerElementalist 15 25 35