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  1. Search the Ruptured Heart for anyone who might know the whereabouts of Kwalanah.
  2. See Charen for your reward.

Obtained from

Charen in The Ruptured Heart



My sweet Kwalanah... I'm afraid she has done something terribly foolish. I told her it was a preposterous notion but she wouldn't listen to me. Reborn? Bah! We have been quite content with the way things are for a very long time. But she's impressionable, and I fear that even in death she's fallen in with the wrong sort.
She has gone missing, you see, and I can't find her anywhere. Please, will you search the area and help me find her? I do not want to spend eternity without her.
Accept: I shall not rest until I reacquaint you with your love.
Reject: If you love someone, set them free.

Intermediate dialogue 1 (Jehner)

Kwalanah? I have not seen her in some time. But I may know what ill has befallen her by the hand of the Margonites.
Their ploy is simple: to convince discontented souls to be "reborn" through a suspicious ritual that allegedly binds spirits to flesh. In actuality, the Margonites seek to consume the souls of the departed. Kwalanah should have accepted her fate rather than deny it. She may be lost forever.

Reward dialogue

This is terrible! My dear, sweet Kwalanah!
Thank you for delivering this news, no matter how grim. There is more to do. I only hope my wife is not gone forever.


A Tasty Morsel


After acquiring the quest, simply talk to Jehner in The Ruptured Heart, who is located a short distance northwest of Charen. You can then return to Charen for your reward and the follow-up quest.


The Reject dialogue is likely a reference to the Sting song "If You Love Somebody Set Them Free."