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|[[Arbor Bay]] || || || ||
|[[Arbor Bay]] || || || ||
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|- align="center" valign="top"
|[[Magus Stones]] || 383 || 389 || [[Image:Yes.png|16px]] ||
|[[Magus Stones]] || 383 || 402 || [[Image:Yes.png|16px]] ||
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|- align="center" valign="top"
|[[Riven Earth]] || || || ||
|[[Riven Earth]] || || || ||

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Vanquisher is a title that you can display for prestige. It is related to Hard mode.

Vanquisher title track

Vanquisher trim around explorable area names

This title is granted to a character for defeating all of the foes in each explorable area of a campaign while in Hard Mode. A character's progression can be tracked on the World Map: areas that have been vanquished once will have a gold design around the name, while unvanquished areas will be red. Note that if your entire party reaches -60% death penalty and all of your party members are dead, you are returned to the last visited outpost and must restart the area.

Title1 Campaign Explorable Areas Vanquished Grand Total of Monsters (min-max)
Tyrian Vanquisher Prophecies 54 8,746 - 11,121
Canthan Vanquisher Factions 33 4,806 - 6,614
Elonian Vanquisher Nightfall 34 7,676 - 9,143
1 The titles listed above are all individual and independent title tracks, with only one level each. Each of them currently counts towards the "Kind Of A Big Deal" and "Legendary Vanquisher" title tracks.

Foes vanquished counter

Area completely vanquished

A red counter in the effects monitor area of the interface will display how many foes the party has vanquished in the current area. Upon successfully vanquishing an area, the counter will turn to gold, the "mission completed" fanfare will play, and the players will receive a reward of gold and experience. The gold received will be equal to five times the number of creatures defeated, and the experience will be equal to five times the number of creatures defeated.

  • Killing tamable pets will add to the counter for the current area, increasing the gold and XP reward, but they are not required to complete an area.
  • Foes killing each other will also count towards the kill total for the area - the party does not have to kill everything first-hand.
  • Vanquishing of a zone can be repeated as many times as one wishes. It will remain marked in gold on the map, but the counter will be reset each time you enter the zone. You will still gain gold and experience for re-vanquishing each area based on the number of monsters you kill.
  • Monsters that pop up, such as Plague Devourers (Prophecies), Onis (Factions), and Mandragors (Nightfall) only count if you make them pop up before you vanquish all other foes.

Known Bug Issues

  • Defeating the last enemy of an area has caused some players' games to freeze and close. However, the credit for completing that area IS logged in the Vanquisher title track.
  • There are occasions in Factions in which most groups of Jade Brotherhood are not counted towards the total vanquished until they are within radar range. This can be advantageous to the player, but it is not known whether some certain areas with Jade Brotherhood are more easily vanquishable than others as you must pass by them in order to clear the area of other foes.
  • Monsters that can disappear and reappear (Wurms in particular) DO count towards the total once they are aggroed. However, a Wurm that disappears after being initially aggroed will make the area impossible to vanquish until the Wurm reappears and is killed. If an aggroed Wurm is underground and the party has vanquished all other foes in the area, the red counter will turn gold and tell you that you have vanquished all foes in the area. However, you will not actually receive the gold and XP reward until the Wurm is killed (nor will the area be counted towards the title track).

Number of Foes in Each Area

The actual number of foes in each area is somewhat variable, due to the randomness in the number of creatures that may spawn in a given group. The numbers below reflect the range of foes seen in actual gameplay experience by GuildWiki users.

  • Since pop-up groups only count if you activate them, areas known to contain a large number of avoidable pop-ups are marked in the tables below.
  • Many quests can significantly affect the number of enemies that appear in an area. These quests are noted with a ▲ if they increase the number of enemies and a ▼ if they decrease the number of enemies.

For more detailed notes and strategies pertaining to specific areas, please refer to that area's article.


Area Min Max Avoidable
Notable Quests
Ascalon Foothills 51 59
The Breach 111 133 Yes.png Into the Breach
Diessa Lowlands 275 387 Yes.png The Titan Source
Then and Now, Here and There
Dragon's Gullet 116 135 Yes.png The Titan Source
Eastern Frontier 170 218 Yes.png The Last Day Dawns
Flame Temple Corridor 98 108 Yes.png The Titan Source
Old Ascalon 200 291 Yes.png
Pockmark Flats 144 231 Yes.png
Regent Valley 130 168 Yes.png
Northern Shiverpeaks
Anvil Rock 137 255 NA-icon.png
Deldrimor Bowl 150 195 NA-icon.png Hungry Devourer
Griffon's Mouth 43 52 NA-icon.png
Iron Horse Mine 172 190 NA-icon.png
Traveler's Vale 160 191 NA-icon.png The Way is Blocked
The Black Curtain 182 253 Yes.png
Cursed Lands 54 79 Yes.png
Kessex Peak 148 200 Yes.png The Villainy of Galrath
Majesty's Rest 41 86 Yes.png
Nebo Terrace 142 164 Yes.png
North Kryta Province 126 248 Yes.png Defend North Kryta Province
Graven Images
Orrian Excavation
Scoundrel's Rise 68 95 NA-icon.png Reversing the Skales
Stingray Strand 152 171 NA-icon.png
Talmark Wilderness 219 242 Yes.png
Tears of the Fallen 65 70 NA-icon.png
Twin Serpent Lakes 172 194 NA-icon.png
Watchtower Coast 152 169 Yes.png
Maguuma Jungle
Dry Top 53 61 Yes.png
Ettin's Back 176 216 Yes.png
Mamnoon Lagoon 55 60 Yes.png
Reed Bog 67 105 Yes.png
Sage Lands 219 294 Yes.png
Silverwood 196 221 Yes.png
Tangle Root 191 239 Yes.png Defend Denravi
The Falls 290 322 Yes.png
Crystal Desert
The Arid Sea 87 135 Yes.png
Diviner's Ascent 103 162 Yes.png
Prophet's Path 214 315 Yes.png
Salt Flats 157 245 Yes.png
The Scar 243 266 Yes.png
Skyward Reach 162 177 NA-icon.png
Vulture Drifts 222 256 Yes.png
Southern Shiverpeaks
Dreadnought's Drift 111 119 NA-icon.png
Frozen Forest 310 325 Yes.png
Grenth's Footprint 238 243 NA-icon.png
Ice Floe 191 226 NA-icon.png
Icedome 120 140 NA-icon.png
Lornar's Pass 280 299 NA-icon.png
Mineral Springs 182 204 Yes.png Defend Droknar's Forge
Snake Dance 294 406 Yes.png
Spearhead Peak 215 234 NA-icon.png
Talus Chute 377 411 NA-icon.png
Tasca's Demise 76 105 NA-icon.png Defend Droknar's Forge
Witman's Folly 91 112 Yes.png
Ring of Fire Island Chain
Perdition Rock 218 244 NA-icon.png Final Blow
  1. If you have Eye of the North, displaying your Ebon Vanguard title while vanquishing the Ascalon region will ease the difficulty a bit, as the Rebel Yell effect gives you bonuses against the Charr. In addition, many of the Ebon Vanguard skills also give bonuses against Charr.


Area Min Max Avoidable
Notable Quests
Shing Jea Island
Haiju Lagoon 161 183
Jaya Bluffs 169 202
Kinya Province 119 146 Yes.png A Strange Request
Minister Cho's Estate 206 218
Panjiang Peninsula 139 200 ▼completing Quimang's Last Stand
Saoshang Trail 24 37
Sunqua Vale 105 149 Yes.png A Strange Request
Zen Daijun 162 166 ▼completing An Unwelcome Guest1
Kaineng City
Bukdek Byway 1 162 Chasing Zenmai, ▼The Drunken Master2
Nahpui Quarter 92 112
Pongmei Valley 140 164
Raisu Palace 244 262 Yes.png
Shadow's Passage 8 22 Yes.png
Shenzun Tunnels 211 253 Yes.png
Sunjiang District 196 210 Yes.png
Tahnnakai Temple 2 131 Yes.png A Meeting With the Emperor3
Wajjun Bazaar 80 245 Yes.png Seek out Brother Tosai, ▲Captured
Xaquang Skyway 160 171
Echovald Forest
Arborstone 247 340 Song and Stone
Drazach Thicket 207 266 Yes.png Duel of the Houses, ▲ In the Army Now (Kurzick)
The Eternal Grove 222 250
Ferndale 227 321 Kurzick Supply Lines, ▲Scouting Ferndale
Melandru's Hope 165 226 Yes.png Securing Echovald Forest
Morostav Trail 275 312
Mourning Veil Falls 210 222
Jade Sea
Archipelagos 156 229 Yes.png Luxon Supply Lines
Boreas Seabed 200 231
Gyala Hatchery 189 209 Yes.png
Maishang Hills 178 232 In the Army (Luxon)
Mount Qinkai 136 191 Yes.png
Rhea's Crater 221 271 Yes.png
Silent Surf 236 283
Unwaking Waters 136 155 Yes.png
  1. Canthan characters who have completed An Unwelcome Guest will find no enemies at all when they enter Zen Daijun; you will need to kill a tiger or crane to get credit for vanquishing the area. Having any non-Canthan character in the party will cause enemies to spawn as normal.
  2. If anyone in the party has both The Drunken Master and Chasing Zenmai active (does not have to be the same person), you can vanquish Bukdek Byway by simply defeating Drinkmaster Tahnu. The Hard Mode indicator will appear gold when you enter the area, however the title and the map will not update until after you kill the Drinkmaster. Each quest by itself will still reduce the number of enemies.
  3. If someone in the party has the primary quest A Meeting With the Emperor Active, you can vanquish this area easily. You can find someone in Zin Ku Corridor who has just completed the Tahnnakai Temple mission and has Hard Mode unlocked on their account if you don't know anyone who has the quest. Note that completing A Meeting With the Emperor is optional, but it is often overlooked since it is an easy and fast quest to complete. You can get a ferry to Arborstone with someone who has the quest The Count's Daughter to keep A Meeting With the Emperor for later use.


Area Min Max Avoidable
Notable Quests
Cliffs of Dohjok 114 201 Skree Hatchling Season, ▲Diamond in the Rough,
Scholarly Affairs
Fahranur, The First City 196 241 A Perplexing Plague, ▲Defender's Choice
Issnur Isles 339 356 Moa'vu'Kaal, Awakened
Lahtenda Bog 372 430 Yes.png
Mehtani Keys 210 273 Yes.png The Cyclone Palace
Plains of Jarin 188 218 Yes.png
Zehlon Reach 222 262 Yes.png Skale and Magic Compass
Arkjok Ward 303 362 Yes.png A Little Recon, ▲A Prescription for Conscription
Bahdok Caverns 258 304 Yes.png
Barbarous Shore 146 201 Yes.png
Dejarin Estate 226 264
The Floodplain of Mahnkelon 206 270 Yes.png Drakes on the Plain, ▲Old Woman River
Gandara, the Moon Fortress 64 123 ▼completing A Thorn in Varesh's Side
Jahai Bluffs 271 310 Yes.png
Marga Coast 254 330 Yes.png Melonni's Meditations, ▲Heart or Mind: Ronjok in Danger
Sunward Marches 284 316 Yes.png A Bushel of Trouble
Turai's Procession 163 240 Mirza's Last Stand and following quests
Forum Highlands 244 331 ▼completing Desperate Measures
Garden of Seborhin 221 305 Plague of Frogs
The Hidden City of Ahdashim 193 236 Yes.png ▼completing Gift of the Djinn
Holdings of Chokhin 227 295
The Mirror of Lyss 159 243 The Madness of Prophecy, ▲The Search for Survivors
Resplendent Makuun 157 210
Vehjin Mines 140 210 To the Rescue (Nightfall), ▲Coffer of Joko
Vehtendi Valley 248 257
Wilderness of Bahdza 159 178 Yes.png
Yatendi Canyons 191 198 Between a rock
The Desolation
The Alkali Pan 281 317 Under New Management
Crystal Overlook 192 201
Joko's Domain 414 438 Yes.png Return of the Undead King
Poisoned Outcrops 176 243 Yes.png The Growing Threat
The Ruptured Heart 238 243
The Shattered Ravines 285 352 Getting Even
The Sulfurous Wastes 243 382 Yes.png A Show of Force
Requiem for a Brain
Raising an Army

Eye of the North

Area Min Max Avoidable
Notable Quests
Far Shiverpeaks
Bjora Marches
Drakkar Lake Yes.png
Ice Cliff Chasms 155 155
Jaga Moraine 282 282 Yes.png
Norrhart Domains
Varajar Fells 461 523 Yes.png
Tarnished Coast
Alcazia Tangle
Arbor Bay
Magus Stones 383 402 Yes.png
Riven Earth
Sparkfly Swamp
Verdant Cascades
Charr Homelands
Dalada Uplands
Grothmar Wardowns
Sacnoth Valley


  • This title has good synergy with the Cartographer titles since as you've already cleared an area of enemies it should then be easy to map the entire location, and you can use the golden completion helms to keep track of which areas you have scraped.
  • It also has good synergy with the Sunspear and Lightbringer titles because you are killing foes anyway.
  • Vanquishing Luxon and Kurzick areas with the Priest's Blessings will net you at least 1,500-3,000 of the corresponding faction per vanquished area. In areas where you can find both Kurzick and Luxon Priests depending on where the Kurzick-Luxon border is, you can get both blessings and get dual faction as well as +6 HP regeneration, so it is wise to vanquish areas where the line is.
  • A general strategy is to save your Death Penalty Removal items such as Four-Leaf Clovers, Peppermint Candy Canes, or the new EOTN item Powerstone of Courage for vanquishing the more difficult areas.
  • If you have problems vanquishing, there is a strategy which can prevent the whole partys defeat at 60% Death Penalty. If you vanquish with heroes, you can flag one back in a safe area, with less than 60% dp and with no res avaiable. This will cause the whole team to respawn once the other 7 members are dead. This is also known as putting a "doll".
  • See also: Caravan vanquishing for areas in which you have fewer than 8 party members in certain parts of the game.

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