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A Vault Box with tabs I – IV, 4th Anniversary Storage, and Material Storage

The Vault Box, more commonly referred to as "Storage" by players, is a magical storage service offered by the Xunlai guild that is shared between all characters on the same account. The Vault Box can be used both to store items and to transfer items between characters.

In order to gain access to the account's Vault Box, each roleplaying character must pay a fee of 50Gold to any Xunlai Agent. PvP characters automatically have access to the Vault Box. Characters can access the Vault Box by interacting with the Xunlai Chest NPCs or through the Xunlai Agent's dialogue options.

Storage options[]


Maximum gold storage

The Vault Box can be used to store in-game money (gold and platinum). The maximum amount that can be stored is 1,000Platinum.

The total amount of gold and platinum currently in the Vault Box is shown at the top of the window. Right below it are the buttons used to deposit and withdraw money. Any character may deposit and withdraw money. The "Deposit Funds" button will be disabled if the character has no money to deposit or if the maximum amount is already stored; the "Withdraw Funds" button will be disabled if there are no funds available to withdraw or if the character is already carrying the per-character maximum of 100Platinum.


The Material Storage tab

The Vault Box has 9 item tabs, labeled I–VIII and 4th Anniversary Storage, each of which 20 storage slots. In terms of item stacking, the Vault Box functions identically to standard character inventory.

  • Tabs I and II are the default tabs available on any account.
  • Tabs III and IV are made available when additional campaigns or the Eye of the North expansion is added to the account, one tab per campaign/expansion. For example, an account with one campaign and the expansion would have 3 tabs. An account with all three campaigns would have access to all four tabs; adding the expansion to this account will not add another storage tab.
  • Tabs V–VIII can be purchased through the Guild Wars In-Game Store or the NCsoft store.
  • The 4th Anniversary Storage tab was only available through a special promotion that ran from April 23 to June 30, 2009.

Material Storage[]

The Material Storage tab is an optional upgrade to the Vault Box that costs 50Gold. Once it has been purchased by any character on an account, all current and future PvP characters on that account will have access, but all roleplaying characters must pay this fee individually.

Material Storage has slots for every type of common and rare crafting material, with each slot able to hold a single stack (up to 250) of that material.


  • Unlike most other NPC merchant/trader windows, the Vault Box window will remain open and fully functional even if you move away from the Xunlai Chest.
Historical note.png Historical note: The Material Storage tab was introduced on July 13th, 2006. It was originally available only to accounts with the Factions campaign. When Nightfall was released, it was made available to all accounts.
Historical note.png Historical note: Originally, only a single tab of item storage was available in the Vault Box. As reported by The Scribe, the April 5th, 2007 game update increased this to four tabs, one of which would be unlocked for each campaign/expansion on the account. This was further modified by the April 23rd, 2009 game update, which resulted in the current unlock scheme described above.