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Map of Rragar's Menagerie



  1. Find Rragar Maneater.
  2. Pursue Rragar into the depths of the dungeon and eliminate him.
  3. Destroy Hidesplitter.
  4. See Gron Fierceclaw [Merchant] for your reward.

Obtained from

Gron Fierceclaw in Doomlore Shrine


The Dawn of Rebellion



"[Difficulty: Master] Pyre tells me we are to be allies, human. If that is so, I would warn you of a Charr named Rragar Maneater. Deep within his Menagerie, he rears a new breed of creatures he intends to utilize to destroy humans, and then plans to gain position within the ranks of the Charr Legions. Thankfully, his plan has not come to fruition. The time to strike is now, before he completes his army of fleshreavers. Venture into Rragar's Menagerie, and put an end to his operation and his life. Be sure to destroy his creations as well... even without Rragar's influence, they're savage and dangerous beasts."
Accept: "Rragar will eat my justice "
Reject: "His name scares me"

Intermediate Dialogue 1

<party leader>: "We've found you and your vile creations. Surrender, Rragar, and we might let you keep your limbs."
Rragar Maneater: "Humans? Here? Blast! It's not yet time."

Intermediate Dialogue 2

Rragar Maneater: "Time for a "tactical retreat.""

Intermediate Dialogue 3

<party leader>: "The water is strange... almost thick. It's as if Rragar were cross-breeding oozes also."

Intermediate Dialogue 4

Rragar Maneater: "Ah, the meat is back. Good timing, I was just looking for a test subject."

Intermediate Dialogue 5

Rragar Maneater: "As they say, "Discretion is the better part of... staying alive.""

Intermediate Dialogue 6

<party leader>: "Looks like Rragar taught the fleshreavers to fight alongside the Charr. We need to stop him quickly, or this is going to become a large problem."

Reward Dialogue

"Killing Rragar gave you great pleasure, I am sure. With those unnatural creations rotting on the dungeon floor your people will rest easy... for now."


Leaving from Doomlore Shrine, go south-east through Dalada Uplands to the portal into Sacnoth Valley, then head basically south to the south-west corner where the entrance into Rragar's Menagerie is located.

Fight your way to level 3 and kill Rragar Maneater and Hidesplitter.