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Skill details
Campaign Prophecies Monk
Profession Monk
Attribute Unlinked
Type Enchantment Spell
    10 Energy.png 4 Activation.png 30 Recharge.png

Full: Bring target dead party member back to life at full Health and full Energy. For 30 seconds, that party member deals 25% more damage. When this enchantment ends, target party member dies. Deaths while under the effects of this enchantment do not incur a death penalty.

Concise: (30 seconds.) Resurrects target party member (full Health, full Energy). This ally deals 25% more damage and does not incur death penalty. End effect: this ally dies.


Skill Quests:

Skill Trainers:

Signet of Capture:

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  • Keep in mind that Vengeance is an enchantment; the resurrected character will die if Vengeance is removed by an enemy.
  • Be aware that in GW:EN if you attempt to mount a Siege Devourer it will first remove all your enchantments. The result will be dying instantly when the skill 'Mount' is completed, with the loss of the Siege Devourer.
  • In the Random/Team Arena area The Crag, Vengeance-related deaths do not score points.
  • This skill can be used in an Alliance Battle to quickly bring a downed key player back into the fight. In addition, Vengeance does not reset the respawn counter, so when its duration ends, the affected player will be respawned immediately.
  • The usual blue pillar of light when a player is resurrected is replaced with a red pillar for this skill.

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