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Species: Centaur
Level(s): 15


Ventari is a wise old centaur who is the host of the outpost Ventari's Refuge. Unlike most other centaurs he is not hostile to humans. He still remembers the times when centaurs and humans lived in peace together, and he seeks to establish his refuge as a place where the current war between the centaurs and the humans is forgotten.

In the Eye of the North campaign, Ventari and Ronan had established another small haven in Arbor Bay.

Quests Involved In[]



Ventari's Refuge[]

"There was a time, once, when humans and Centaurs lived in peace. But that was long, long ago. I'm afraid I will not live to see such a time come again to Tyria.
What brings you to my dell, friend?"

Arbor Bay[]

"The outside world is violent, a place where the seeds of chaos are sown with innocent tears. The only peace to be found is within the self. Forging the path of serenity from the mind to the heart is more difficult than any battle fought with steel."
What is this place?
"This place is home and haven. As bloodshed cast its shadow, we shelter beneath this place of solace. We live life as it was meant to be, in harmony and unity, regardless of race or caste. All are welcome."
What can you tell me about this tree?
"It is miraculous! To believe that all of this began as merely a seed that Ronan gave me.... He is an old acquaintance, one of the soldiers who fought the White Mantle who slaughtered my people. Those battles cost him his wife and daughter. In his grief, he threw down his weapon. Perhaps he was looking for escape or a place to die, to end his suffering. There he lay a broken man, and in that moment he found the seed that would become all of this."
How did you come here?
"I had a home once, before this one, where I attempted to reconcile the differences between your people and my own. But Centaurs are a proud race, fiery with passion and conviction. They would not see humans as their equals. Against the odds, they fought. The humans rose to crush them. War consumed those lands...and my home with it. I made my way here to start anew."

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