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Species: Human
Profession: Warrior Warrior-icon.png
Level(s): 10 (20)


Villagers are Krytan townsfolk. Some of them are marked as "Chosen" and must be protected at all costs.


Skills used[]


In Divinity Coast (mission):

"Back already? It seems the Mantle were just here."
"I wonder who will be Chosen this time."
"Such an exciting day. I hope I'm one of the Chosen."
"My goodness! Is it really Summer Solstice already? Time for the Test."
"We were wondering when you'd show up."
"Welcome. It's always nice to see a Knight of the Mantle."
"We're so proud."

In Divinity Coast (explorable):

"Strange noises come from that "lab". Makes me nervous, but I trust the Princess and if she says that they hold the key to defeating the Unseen, then I'll defend it with my life."
"I don't know what Livia is up to with those asura, but if the Princess wishes us to keep them safe from White Mantle, then that's what we'll do."
"These asura are strange and rude. I couldn't care less that they won't let anyone near their lab. Better for everyone that way."


In D'Alessio Seaboard (Hakewood village):

"I don't want to die."
"Help me. Oh Dwayna, please help me!"
"Please help!"
"This is not how I wanted to leave this world."
"You saved my home and my life." (when saved)

During Divinity Coast mission:

"Always the Mantle come. And always they take someone away."
"Every season the Mantle come and take a few more. But none of them ever come back."
"Every season it's another one. I'm never any good at guessing who it'll be."
"I wish it were me going."
"The Mantle steal our crops and our youth. What's next?"
"This is such a happy day for the Chosen."
"There goes one more able body to help with the farming."
"Why don't any of the Chosen ever return?"

→ As "Chosen" Villagers:

"And my brother said I wouldn't amount to anything. Ha! Whos's laughing now?"
"I can't wait. This is the most important day of my life."
"I knew it. I always knew I was gifted."
"I wonder if I'll get my own room in the Grand Temple."
"I've always dreamed of studying with the Grand Masters."
"One day, I'm going to be the most magnificent Mesmer in the land. You'll see."

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