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A Ranger holding a Vine Seed

Vine Seeds are seeds that can be picked from Vine Seed Flowers found in some parts of the Maguuma Jungle.

When dropped on normal ground, a Vine Seed will explosively grow a Vine Seed Flower, knocking down adjacent enemies for about 4 seconds. After a short time the flower will turn back into a Vine Seed that you can pick up again. In addition the Vine Seed deals 20 points of damage to any foe it hits.

When dropped on a special spot (marked by a green glowing circle on the ground), a Vine Seed will quickly grow a huge vine, serving as a Vine Bridge to cross canyons.

Warning: Dropping more Vine Seeds on the "special spot" after a bridge has been grown will cause them to be wasted - i.e., they will "disappear", and no new ones will grow back from the Vine Seed Flower.

Vine Seeds can also be used to summon a Druid by dropping it on a Druid Shrine.

Also, Vine Seeds will trap miniatures momentarily if they are nearby.

Vine Seeds are used in the following missions:

Vine Seeds also found on the "Druid's Isle" Guild Hall.