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  1. Find a way to end the fighting.
  2. See Guardsman Qao Lin for your reward.

Obtained from

Guardsman Qao Lin in Kaineng City


Even Closer to the Edge



Thank goodness you've returned! Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse... it seems like the Jade Brotherhood and the Am Fah are trying to capitalize on the fact that the other has been weakened by the Ministry of Purity. They're using this opportunity to try and put an end to their rivalry. The streets of Wajjun Bazaar are being overrun!
At this rate, it's only a matter of time before the Ministry of Purity comes down on them, and tries to wipe them both out in one fell swoop. I'd say "Good riddance to them," but... fighting on this scale? A lot of innocent people are going to get hurt, and the Imperial Guard doesn't have the numbers left to intervene. We can only rely on you, friend. This fight needs to be stopped, in any way possible. Will you help?
Accept: I will bring an end to their brawling with my superior fighting.
Reject: Oh, just let them kill each other off. It's for the best.
When asked about quest: We need to put an end to the fighting before innocent lives are lost in the crossfire. Are you ready to go?

Intermediate Dialogue 1

<party leader>: It seems the Ministry of Purity beat us here. We should make our way into the Jade Brotherhood Stronghold. That's likely where the Am Fah and Jade Brotherhood are doing battle.
Am Fah Warrior: Alright, alright, we surrender!
Ministry Bladesman: Kill them all, take no one alive. They aren't worth our judges' time!
Ministry Ranger: Save your words, vermin! Grenth is the warden of the only prison you'll be seeing today!
Ministry Bladesman: Keep pusing into their lair. I want their leaders' heads hanging from the city walls by dusk!
<party leader>: By the six, the ministry is slaughtering them like animals! Even criminals deserve better than this!

Intermediate Dialogue 2

Reisen the Phoenix: The moment you stepped out of the shadows, your fate was sealed. What the Ministry of Purity began, I'm going to finish!
Apep, Unending Night: So you think, but your numbers speak differently. You are weak, and your time is at an end!
<party leader>: Stop this, both of you! Don't you see that your very actions are allowing the Ministry of Purity to Vilify you?
Reisen the Phoenix: Well, well. It's nice to finally see you thinking for yourself. Unfortunately, things are not quite so simple as you would like to believe.
Apep, Unending Night: This is our way of life. If we are to be villains, then let us be villains! People cannot think in shades of grey. They need something to be good or bad. They need the decision to be made for them.
Apep, Unending Night: The people that find themselves oppressed will long for freedom, and then they will be ours. This way of life is all that we know, and we will live it to the fullest!
Reisen the Phoenix: So it is that we must end our rivalry. The time has come!

Intermediate Dialogue 3 (after defeating Reisen and Apep)

<party leader>: Enough! If the bloodshed doesn't stop here, it never will!
Initiate Zei Ri: Fine words from a traitor. Was your conscience so clear when you turned on your allies? When you betrayed me?
Reisen the Phoenix: The Ministry of Purity! We must flee! We can't stand against them like this!
Apep, Unending Night: Am Fah, full withdrawal! This battle is lost... but we will finish this, Reisen!
Initiate Zei Ri: Pursue them! The Am Fah and the Jade Brotherhood must not be allowed to escape!
Initiate Zei Ri: As for you... you will be dealt with. Consider this a reprieve while we deal with a larger threat. But know that the Ministry of Purity has no love for those that meddle in the affairs of Cantha.

Reward Dialogue

The Am Fah and the Jade Brotherhood both turned and fled? Something about that doesn't feel right to me. But no doubt, the Ministry of Purity is going to be crowing about this as their great victory, routing the gangs from Cantha. I can only hope that this is the end of it. Eradicating the Afflicted, I completely understood. The gangs, I could understand the reasoning behind going after them. But who else could be left for them to persecute? Maybe... just maybe, they'll have finally got what they wanted, and things can begin to settle down. Am I sounding a little too optimistic here? I hope not.
I let myself get sidetracked. You should go speak with your friend, the assassin. She said she would be waiting in the Shenzun Tunnels for you. She looked like she was up to something. Now I'm back to worrying again.


The Rescue Attempt


This is a very simple quest and one of the easiest in the storyline. Once you speak to Guardsman Qao Lin you will be transported to an instance of Wajjun Bazaar. Travel along the docks toward the westernmost bridge to the northern island (this avoids most mobs). Taking this path you will face two groups of Ministry forces fighting one of the gangs, plus a few Jade Brotherhood. Cross the bridge toward your quest marker where Am Fah and Jade Brotherhood are on the verge of battle. To help them back down, battle the two bosses for a very short and simple battle. They will turn neutral once more. The Ministry then arrives but do not become hostile, instead chasing away the (also neutral) gangs. You are then returned to the Guardsman.

To continue the quest series travel to Tahnnakai Temple and exit to Shenzun Tunnels. Miko is in the same place as before and will both give you the next quest and transport you there.