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Quest map from Olafstead


  1. "Discuss" the Situation with Olaf.
  2. Defeat the attacking Destroyers.
  3. See Olaf Olafson for your reward.

Obtained from

Olaf Olafson at Olafstead


Curse of the Nornbear



"Allies? Surely, you jest! But, since Jora speaks well of you, I will give you a chance. Meet me outside the Shrine of the Raven Spirit and we will "discuss" matters further."
Accept: "We will be there, Norn."
Reject: "We have other matters to worry about."
When asked about the quest: "We will take up this matter at the Shrine of the Raven Spirit."

Intermediate Dialogue 1

Intermediate Dialogue 2 After "discussing" matters with Olaf and Olrun, when the Destroyers arrive:

Olaf Olafson: By Raven's wing! What sort of beasts are these?

After defeating the Destroyers, a cutscene begins.

Intermediate Dialogue 1,2,3...

<NPC name>:

Cinematic Dialogue

Olaf Olafson: "What were those things?"
<party leader>: "They're called Destroyers. They're the threat we have warned you about."
Olaf: "This is the North. Threats are an everyday part of life here."
Vekk: "I'm afraid this is more than just a passing threat."
<party leader>: "What do you mean, Vekk?"
Vekk: "Given their numbers, I think there is an active gate nearby. One that links back to the Central Transfer Chamber."
<party leader>: "Which has been captured by the Destroyers."
Vekk: "Precisely."
Ogden Stonehealer: "Which means all the Norn lands will be overrun unless we do something."
Olaf: "Bah! If they show up at my doorstep, I'll greet them with an axe!"
Jora: "My friends mean to say that these Destroyers make for a challenging hunt."
Olaf: "A hunt? So why didn't they say so? Come, let's take the fight to them, then."

Reward Dialogue

Followup A Gate Too Far



  • While fighting Olaf Olafson and his guards, hitting 'c' to target the closest enemy often results in the selection of an already defeated member of Olaf's party - or Olaf himself, as in this case you need to defeat the entire group, not just Olaf. Cycle through targets until you find a viable target.
  • The destroyers attack almost immediately after the fight with Olaf. Be warned, for it is likely that your energy will be depleted if you don't use it sparingly when defeating Olaf's group. Ursan Blessing comes in handy if your energy runs out before the destroyers are defeated.