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Vloxen Excavations
Vloxen Excavations.jpg
Campaign Eye of the North
Region Depths of Tyria
Levels 3
Dungeon quest Dredging the Depths
Reward chest Zoldark's Chest
Map area n/a
Neighbors Umbral Grotto
Vlox's Falls
Services Collector
Vloxen Excavations map.jpg


Vloxen Excavations consists of 3 levels. The first level features groups of various plants, oozes, and Stone Summit. This level is passed through during the primary quest The Knowledgeable Asura. The second level begins with Stone Summit members and ends with various groups of Undead. These undead revive after a short time so do not linger after defeating a group. The final level is very small containing only undead and the boss Zoldark the Unholy and his group of Minions of Zoldark.

Getting there[]

Direct access from Umbral Grotto or Vlox's Falls. If you enter from Vlox's Falls you can skip a large part of the first level.


Dredging the DepthsRecharge.png from Molenin in Umbral Grotto



Revealed by Light of Deldrimor:

Level 1

  • Hidden Treasure:
    • near Stone Summit Emblem Collector
    • near the Shrine in the south
    • near the boss with the key

Level 2

  • Hidden Treasure:
    • at the bottom of the stairs when you first walk in.
    • near the area map.
    • on path between southern gear box and Area Map
    • in powder keg room
    • just south of Dungeon gate (Same spot as Dwarven Ghost)
  • Warrior 24 Dwarven Ghost ally:
    • at the Shrine near above mentioned gear box
    • far south-west up metal pathway
    • just south of Dungeon gate (Same spot as Hidden Treasure)

Level 3

  • Hidden Treasure:
    • near the starting point.
    • two, in compass distance from starting zone.
    • center-east of the corridor with the boss key.
    • 2, near the final chest, in the nearest alcoves.




Boss-like foes[]


Tips on defeating Zoldark[]

  • Though Zoldark does attack, the main threat comes from his several monster specific skills to buff his group of 6 Minions of Zoldark. He doesn't heal and takes very little damage even from degen. The key to defeating him is to continually kill his minions (AoE damage is ideal for this), as once they are dead, he uses a skill that allows him to simultaneously resurrect all six of his minions at a cost of a 5% health sacrifice. Eventually he will sacrifice himself to near death, at which point he will stop animating his minions. When this happens, concentrate on Zoldark and finish him.
  • Note that if his Master of Necromancy runs out and he has no more minions, he will lose all the life he gained from that skill. This can often kill him when he is near death.
  • Also, if killing him by the techniques above, its a good idea to stand near Zoldark, so that he also takes damage from your party's AoE damage.
  • Zoldark will not regenerate health, he lacks even natural regeneration. This makes him much easier to kill if you even have a high death penalty.


  • Watch out for a rolling boulder on the first level.
  • If your party dies when fighting the elevated Stone Summit Rangers in Level 2, you are resurrected at the start of the level.
  • The Ancient Undead on level 3 automatically resurrect after a few minutes but will disappear after Zoldark is killed. Avoid them if possible; you gain no reputation points nor experience from foes who have resurrected.
  • Some areas in this dungeon are the same as in the Ooze Pit.
  • The lever in the north easternmost part of level 3 switches off some of the poison traps on that level.
  • Taking a minion master seems not to be the best idea for this dungeon as minions will frequently be taken from you by enemies.
  • For HM, like in Slavers' Exile, take Frozen Soil to deal with the Stone Summit Dwarves (FS does not prevent Zoldark from resurrecting his minions).
Bug.png Bug! Levers don't seem to turn off all the poison traps. A couple will remain active.


This dungeon has several references to the first Indiana Jones movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark from 1981:

  • The rolling boulder is a reference to the opening sequence
  • When getting the Area Map for the second level, there are several Chromatic Drakes protecting it. The party's leader says, "Drakes. Why did it have to be drakes?" – a mimicked line from when Indiana Jones becries, "Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?"
  • Taskmaster Bellok likely refers to René Belloq, Indiana Jones' main rival.

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