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Vulture Drifts
Vulture Drifts.jpg
Explorable area
Campaign Prophecies
Region Crystal Desert
Map area 1.62%
Neighbors Dunes of Despair (outpost)
Prophet's Path
Skyward Reach
The Arid Sea
Services Collector
Vulture Drifts map.jpg
Zcoins.png This article has an associated Zaishen Challenge Quest.


Vulture Drifts is an area in the southwest of the Crystal Desert. It appears to be named after the vicious winds that seem to have eaten at the rocks and mountains in the area. The area includes three pairs of two-way teleporters. You must use one of these teleporters to the portal to Dunes of Despair.


Towns and Outposts[]

MissionIcon sml.png Dunes of Despair (southwest of center, use teleporter to get to entrance)

Explorable areas[]

Points of Interest[]

  • Main Section: fills almost the entire area; includes portals to all the exits, the teleporter to the Dunes of Despair section, and the remaining pairs of internal teleporters.
  • Dunes of Despair section: just big enough to include the portal to Dunes of Despair and teleporter back to the main section.


Some of the Hydra bosses head towards this spot.



Note: None of these bosses have elite skills




Vulture Drifts vanquished.

  • Vanquishers must defeat 212-259 monsters in this area.
    • The Hydra bosses that begin patrolling in the northwest end up remaining near the eastern area teleport, not far from the Arid Sea portal.
  • The portal into the Dunes of Despair outpost is fairly open, instead of being surrounded by walls or fences like most portals. Be careful not to activate it while fighting the nearby enemies.