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A phonetic pronunciation of "W/Mo" that often carries a derogatory connotation aimed at characters with the primary profession Warrior, secondary Monk, and a healing build. This type of character is usually an attempt to emulate popular fighter/healer hybrids commonly found in other RPGs, but exposes the player as lacking understanding of and/or experience with mechanics specific to Guild Wars. As such, "wammo" is sometimes used as a synonym for words such as "noob", even when the player in question is not using a W/Mo.

In particular, this view of wammos is justified by these key issues:

  1. A primary Warrior lacks Divine Favor, which is needed to make healing spells efficient. Investing in Healing Prayers alone results in a lesser effect and is relatively expensive due to point scaling at each rank.
  2. Warrior armor has no inherent bonuses to Energy or regeneration, nor do Warrior weapons contain inherent energy bonuses. Though a sword or axe Warrior could forgo a shield in favor of a focus, the increased damage taken adds pressure to heal and is essentially a lateral tradeoff.
  3. Warriors have no energy management attributes and few, if any, usable energy management skills.

This results in an ineffective healer who is also made less effective as a fighter. Even without understanding the specific nuances, by trial and error this fact should become apparent by the time the character completes the starter areas in PvE or after a few matches in PvP. However, many W/Mo players continue to use these builds even after they have the opportunity to change their builds or secondary professions, and bring these builds to randomized teams or PUGs where their ineptitude becomes obvious to teammates and consequently generates ire.

This is not to say that all W/Mo builds or even W/Mo healing builds are necessarily nonviable, but that a disproportionately large percentage of W/Mo players use a build that is inappropriate in Guild Wars for the sake of replicating the feel of some other class they are accustomed to playing in another game, which in turn is seen as an inability or unwillingness to learn how to play Guild Wars correctly. Unfortunately, this also has the effect of making other players leery of recruiting any W/Mo players, and they usually do not bother to check the player's build.

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